MAFS bride calls out ‘uncomfortable’ scenes and blasts ‘disrespectful’ Jayden Eynaud

She was matched with Mitch Eynaud on MAFS 2022

Jayden and ella

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We love when Married At First Sight stars weigh in on the drama of a different season because if anyone has the right to comment on the dating show it's a former bride or groom.

The latest series of MAFS Australia has been a whirlwind of absolute carnage with the couples giving prior Married At First Sight contestants a run for their money in the 'WTF JUST HAPPENED' stakes.

Let's put it this way, Harrison Boon walked so that Jack Dunkley could run.

One person who knows all too well how turbulent it can be to take part in the social experiment turned reality TV show is MAFS 2022 bride, Ella May Ding.

Ella and Mitch
Ella was matched with Mitch ©red arrow / nine

Chatting to her pal, co-host and fellow MAFS alumni Domenica Calarco on their podcast, Sit With Us, Ella couldn't help but make comments on a certain groom who is currently taking part in the series.

You have ONE guess for which Aussie fella she was gunning for...

Okay, we know we put his name in the headline but STILL, we could all guess that Jayden Eynaud was never going to be in Ella's good books.

"He’s not right for her. I don’t think they’re good for each other,” Ella revealed and by 'her' she means Jayden's betrothed, Eden Harper.

Jayden and eden
Dinner Party - Eden and Jayden ©red arrow / nine

In case you didn't know, during her stint on MAFS a couple of years back Ella was matched with Jayden's bro Mitch and needless to say Ella and Mitch's romance was far from smooth-sailing.

"I think they need to go their separate ways," Ella added. "Whether they have or haven’t in the real world."

Don't hold back Ella, say it like it is.

The Australian, who also dated Made in Chelsea lothario Miles Nazaire is no longer with Mitch (or Miles for that matter) went on to comment about Jayden's treatment of his current bae.

"He’s pushing her to be uncomfortable. He’s not respecting her wishes or nurturing the anxiety she’s feeling."

However, Ella did also confess that she may hold some animosity to the kickboxer for the reason we all suspected.

"I don’t like Jayden, and maybe it’s because he’s related to Mitch.”

If she was going to feel a certain kind of way towards a MAFS groom, it's going to be the little brother of her ex boyfriend who wasn't the most fabulous of partners, right?


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