MAFS Australia: Jayden Eynaud’s ‘intimate’ relationship with another bride revealed after it was cut from the show

The Married At First Sight Australia stars have history

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Is there a cast out there more chaotic than the Married At First Sight Australia cast? No. No there isn't.

It truly is the reality TV show of all reality TV shows. Of course, we love the likes of Love Island and Made in Chelsea, but they can't really compete with the brides and grooms of MAFS Australia.

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You won't be seeing Temps telling Sam Prince to "put a muzzle" on Yasmine Zweegers over a dinner party. Can you just imagine?

The latest series of MAFS Down Under is, of course, equally as wild as the previous seasons and an unsuspecting key player causing endless controversy is Jayden Eynaud.

eden and Jayden
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After admitting to THAT scandalous sexual anecdote featuring his ex, who has stepped forward to DENY the claims, Jayden is now caught up in yet another 'intimate' tale that features a different bride.

It turns out the kickboxer and newbie bride Jade Pywell share a past and by 'a past' we mean, yeah, they hooked up.

The tea was spilt via a Facebook group and doesn't that just make so much sense? Facebook seems to be the gossip station of all social media platforms.

"Jade used to work at a bar where Jayden was the doorman," a source revealed, with Aussie site So Dramatic! sharing all the deets, "They both had intimate interactions regularly."

jade and ridge
jade and ridge ©red arrow / nine

These two definitely haven't acknowledged each other, have they? Or have the entire UK viewing public completely missed a segment?

"It ended very ugly," the person added and now we are even MORE intrigued.

Jayden is matched with Eden Harper on the show and at the moment it seems to be going rather well, all things considered.

As for Jade, she has been paired with Ridge Barredo and it turns out that Jayden even admitted to recognising her at the wedding but the scene wasn't aired.

Jayden and eden
Jayden and eden ©red arrow / nine

To be fair there is a hell of a lot of drama going on at the moment, what with Jono McCullough not standing up for wife Lauren Dunn, Jack Dunkley and his extra tight shirts making derogatory comments and Tristan Black somehow NOT being besotted with Cassandra Allen. The mind boggles.

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