MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light reveals ‘unexpected’ couple who were the most compatible

'A lot of my perceptions were kind of smashed'

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Married at First Sight Australia has its fair share of unexpected couples. While we have utmost faith in the matchmaking talents of John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla, sometimes we see them pair a couple and we wonder what was going on in their heads.

One person who agrees with us is the goddess of MAFS Australia 2024, the radiant Lucinda Light.

Lucinda sat down with heat to discuss all things MAFS, and when the topic of compatibility was brought up, it turns out that she too is puzzled by the matchmaker’s choices at times.

Lucinda and Tim MAFS
Lucinda was 'married' to Tim on MAFS ©Channel 4

“Half the time I think they can nail it sometimes with compatibility and then sometimes I think it’s just Bonnie and Clyde, Jekyll and Hyde comedy, just absolutely pairing completely different people together.”

Viewers will know that Lucinda herself had something of a mismatched pairing with Timothy Smith, and after a series of ups and downs the pair chose to leave the experiment as friends at their final commitment ceremony. While the pair aren’t quite as close anymore, it’s possible the producers were going for an ‘opposites attract’ couple, as they so often do.

So, who does Lucinda think the producers paired well? Her answer surprised us, especially considering that the couple are no longer together.

mafs andy and richard
things didn't end well with andy and richard ©E4

“The most compatible, I was so taken aback by Andy [Thompson] and Richard [Saurman] at the start of the experiment. I was like, ‘Gosh, they look like they’ve known each other from the beginning of time,’ but that all changed, so you know, a lot of my perceptions were kind of smashed.”

Like us, the twists and turns of the series and the unexpected couples that were produced as a result rocked Lucinda's world. We’re talking of course about the couple swap of Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough.

“And then of course the unexpected of Ellie and Jono who are very suited. They’re travelling in a caravan around Australia at the moment and I’m sort of half expecting her to announce something, I just feel they’ll be together.”

Ellie MAFS
Ellie was coupled up with Ben before finding love with Jono ©Channel 4

Earning the seal of approval from Lucinda is something us mere mortals can only dream about, so here’s hoping that Jono and Ellie will prove her right.

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