Ella May Ding reveals why she’s ‘freaking out’ after upsetting Miles Nazaire Made in Chelsea episode

'F--k, I'm freaking out now'

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Bless Married at First Sight Australia star turned Made in Chelsea star Ella May Ding - she hasn't had the easiest of times as of late.

Not only did she fly around the world for a Miles Nazaire booty call (and a cheeky MIC cameo, of course), only to get Nazaired, but she's now flown back home and moved into a haunted house. Which in our heads one hundred percent means the Miles Naziare curse followed her all the way home; all 9,500 miles home.

We should probably explain...

Ella has just guest starred on Made in Chelsea series 24. The show followed her predictably short fling with Chelsea playboy Miles. Spoiler alert, in true Miles fashion, he invited the Australian native all the way to London only to decide he wasn't feeling it a few days in – after telling her he was feeling it time and time again, of course, and asking newbie Yasmine out for a drink while he was ghosting Ella and had a spare mo. Nice.

Ella then launched at Miles, delivered some iconic home truths, said her goodbyes and hopped in a black cab to the airport – because nobody takes Ubers in Chelsea (even the guest stars).

Soon after appearing on Made in Chelsea, Ella moved in to a new house in Australia... on her own... a seemingly haunted house, on her own.

If you've been following Ella's Instagram Story as of late, you'll know she's sharing her new home with a male ghost. For a time we thought this was all just Ella embracing spooky season (we totally get it), but it's the end of November now and the details are getting vivid af.

This week, she took to her Instagram Story to tell her followers that her ghost had posted her an inflatable Christmas tree (it gets weirder, so just stay with us on this) as a present. She said, "I feel like I'm a bit of a mess today. So I've moved house obviously and no one really knows where I live. I received this in the mail."

She then showed off the inflatable Christmas tree.

The MAFS star continued, "It's kind of creeping me out. It's a blow-up [Christmas] tree. It has my name on the front. It doesn't say where it's come from, or anything. I kind of have a feeling it was the ghost, I know that sounds really wild, but like, I did not order this it's not wrapped or anything, and it doesn't say where it's come from. Like, no one knows where I live. It's such a random thing to send! It's kind of creepy; maybe he (the ghost) wanted to spend Christmas with me, but I've set him free now."

Or has she? Can one just set a ghost free? Can one just escape a Miles Nazaire curse?

Ella introduces her followers to her new ghostly roommate on Instagram (Instagram/ellamayding) ©Instagram/ellamayding

Ella explained, "Something else really weird happened the morning after I cleansed the house – I saged the house. I was having a shower – I have a shower here every single morning – you know, the window's here, right? For some reason I forgot to turn the fan on this one time and it was the morning after I saged and cleansed. Now, outside this window, I left the sage right here outside. I finished burning it and I set him free there. That's really creepy... My washing machine just happened to end when I said that.

"Anyway, I set him free... F**k, I'm freaking out now. Anyway, I set him free, having a shower, yeah? Anyway, it's fogging up in here. Right up there [she points to top of bathroom window] – which I will take a photo of over the weekend, tomorrow morning – there's four and four male finger prints right above where I left the burnt sage. In my mind I was like, 'Oh my gosh, he's just waving goodbye', he's left, that was like his way of saying, 'I'm gone'. And I was just like, 'Wow, that is so creepy', and then the Christmas tree arrived and, I dunno, it's all a bit weird."


Despite her new otherworldly roommate, Ella added, "I don't feel weird in the house anymore which is great and like, that's fine.

"I also want to add, I've showered there every single day and never noticed the eight finger prints."

We'll resist making a naughty joke there.

Ella continued, "People are like, 'Aren't you f**king scared living by yourself?' And, look, I am, I was; I'm not anymore. I don't feel afraid of ghosts, unless they're like genuinely scaring me, but some of them just don't. Anyway, just thought I would update you guys on some of the sh-t that's been going on."

Well, that's good. Let's just hope this finger-print-leaving/tacky-festive-present-buying poltergeist doesn't have any Paranormal Activity plans in store at Ella's new abode. Keep it friendly, eh, Casper?

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