Made in Chelsea: is romance in the air for Julius Cowdrey and Verity Bowditch?

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The latest series of Made in Chelsea continued this week and away from all the drama of James Taylor's turbulent relationship with Maeva D'Ascanio, one of the biggest storylines has been Julius Cowdrey making a move on Verity Bowditch after she split from her DJ boyfriend.

Julius and Verity have shared a secret snog in the past and it seems the singer-songwriter is keen to pursue a relationship as he asked on her on a date during last week's episode.

He also told Angus Findlay, "I’m very attracted to her. Put all the layers aside, put how she looks [aside], the most attractive thing about her is her passion. That is number one for me. Obviously I’ve got with her before so there has to be a slight attraction. I’ve kissed her before.”

Julius later admitted to "coming on a bit too strong" and before his date, Sophie warned him, "[Verity] does like a bit of a bad boy sometimes, so I think don't be too available. Try and be a bit more mysterious."

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During their date, Verity put Julius firmly in the friend zone when she told him, "I really love you as a person. I'm not sure if I can translate it into anything further or not. I'd love to get to know you more but maybe not in a date vibe. Maybe as good mates."

Despite this though, Julius was STILL hoping to win Verity over as he told her, "Let's just hang out if you want to and then you never know in the future..."

"Let's just see what happens," Verity added.

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Who is Julius Cowdrey?

Julius is a reality star best known for appearing on Made in Chelsea. He first joined the show in 2016 and appeared for two series before leaving to focus on his music career. He later rejoined the show in 2020.

Julius is a singer-songwriter who topped the UK iTunes singer-songwriter chart and reached number two on the Spotify UK viral chart with his debut single 7 Roads (I See You). He first discovered his talent while singing in the Tonbridge School choir and began writing songs at the age of 16, following in the footsteps of his mum who is a jazz singer.

During his first stint on Made in Chelsea, Julius' storylines included his tumultuous relationship with Ella Mills. Since he's been back on the show, Julius has tried to woo Sophie Hermann (who was dating Tom Zanetti at the time, awks) and has now set his sights on Verity Bowditch.

How old is Julius Cowdrey?

Julius was born on 30 January 1993, so he's currently 28 years old.

Where is Julius Cowdrey from?

Julius grew up in Canterbury with his parents and twin brother Fabian. He comes from a cricketing dynasty, with his father Chris and grandfather, life peer, Colin Cowdrey, both having captained England. Julius' twin Fabian also played for Kent County Cricket Club for five years.

Was Julius Cowdrey on The Voice?

Yep, Julius appeared on The Voice UK in 2020 where he sang his original song Take Me Home in the Blind Audition. Unfortunately none of the coaches turned for him, although Meghan Trainor did say he had a “beautiful voice”.

Does Julius Cowdrey have Instagram?

Yep, you can follow him at @jlcowdrey if you so wish.

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