Love Island’s Indiyah Polack shares £3.29 hack for making her hair ‘as laid as possible’

The queen of the sleek ponytail 👏🏻


by Ruby Barry |

It's fair to say we're all a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Indiyah Polack. How can you not love this goddess of a woman, who graced our screens during this season of Love Island in 2022? Eventually coupling up with Irish-although-we-are-still-trying-to-work-out-his-accent, Dami Hope, they road the Damiyah train all the way to the final, coming in third place.

Not only was Indiyah an energetic, loving presence within the villa, but good golly did she serve the looks. We've already obsessed over her best outfits during the series, so now we turn our attention from clothes to beauty.

What impressed viewers at home was Indiyah's ability to lay down her edges SO smoothly, but what does she use to keep them sleek, with an all-day hold?

Indiyah revealed her secrets on how she went about laying down her edges during a recent Instagram Q&A, where she was asked "what gels do you recommend?", to which Indiyah replied with her picks, stating "[these are the] products that helped me keep my hair as laid as possible - especially in the heat."

So, what are Indiyah's six holy grail products to lay down hair, achieving her iconic slicked-back look? Drum roll, please...

The icon has spoken. We can't wait to see more from our fav Twinkle Twinkle player Indiyah in the future. After coming out of the villa, she has been killing it in interviews, including with ourselves on heat's Under The Duvet series. Check that out below.

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How to lay down your edges in heat and humid weather

Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner, has got the goss on doing her edges when the sun is out.

She says, "When I want a sleek finished look to a slicked back bun or up do, doing my edges can really make or break a look. I like to leave some of my baby hair free once I’ve figured out what hairstyle I’m doing, then using some strong hold gel, like the one from Tracee Ellis Ross’ new Pattern collection, or even something like ORS Olive Oil Edge Control.

"I pick up my edge tool (either Pattern’s tool or a spare toothbrush!) and create some little swirls around my forehead. To make sure they are set and don’t mov,e I pick up a satin wrap headband and fasten it around my head, either leave it while I apply my make-up or give it a quick blast with a hairdryer to complete the look."

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