The best hair thickening shampoos for maximum volume

These shampoos will put your extensions into early retirement.


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If you think you need to thicken up your locks, a hair thickening shampoo is probably your best bet. Though they might take a while to work (especially if you have particularly thin hair) they are some of the best shampoo and conditioners out there to help you in your quest for a full and luscious mane.

Though thickening shampoo can't treat hair loss on its own, it's a great way to add some volume and rejuvenate your hair if it's looking dull or feeling a bit thin. Pair that with some shampoo for hair growth and you're ready to take on the world (or your daily Starbucks run, at least).

From Viviscal to L'Oreal, there's a wide range of retailers that sell hair thickening shampoos. Most products contain biotin and collagen, which is perfect for thickening hair. If you have an oily scalp, you might want to consider buying a shampoo for greasy hair that also promotes hair regrowth and thickening instead.

heat's best hair thickening shampoo at a glance:

Editor's choice: Viviscal Thickening shampoo, £10.99 on Holland & Barrett

Best nutrient-rich hair thickening shampoo: OGX Biotin And Collagen Hair Thickening Shampoo, £4.66 on Amazon

Best budget-friendly hair thickening shampoo: John Frieda PROfiller Thickening Shampoo, £6 on Amazon

If you want to make sure you get the best out of your hair thickening shampoo, you can pair it another product such as a serum or oil that promotes hair growth. Rosemary oil is always a good shout - thanks,TikTok.

Check out the best hair thickening shampoos below.

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Editor's choice

Viviscal are pros when it comes to hair growth and rejuvenation, so it's no surprise the thickening shampoo is as popular as it is. Containing Biotin and keratin for strength promotion, you'll be pleased to know it also reduces breakage on the hair follicles.

Review: "Very good shampoo for making your hair feel thicker and fuller, wanted to buy all old stock just the new ingredients have changed that much.”


  • Contains biotin and keratin
  • Reduces breakage


  • No scent

Best nutrient-rich thickening shampoo

OGX Biotin And Collagen Hair Thickening Shampoo
Price: $17.63
Alternative retailers
Walmart$9.99View offer

Not only does this OGX hair thickening shampoo contain biotin and collagen, it also contains wheat protein for an added oomph of hair thickening. Not only does it thicken hair, but it also adds volume and leaves hair looking and feeling gloriously shiny.

Review: "As someone who has struggled with thinning hair for quite some time, stumbling upon the OGX Biotin & Collagen Hair Thickening Shampoo was nothing short of a blessing!"


  • Sulphate-free
  • Nutrient-rich


  • Harder to lather

Best budget-friendly thickening shampoo

John Frieda is well known in the hair care industry for professional products without the high salon price tag. The products are always budget-friendly and ensure the best results while keeping in mind that you may not want to spend ALL of your hard-earned pennies.

Review: "Love the volume and shine it gave my otherwise limp, lifeless hair. I've tried a few other products and I've not been able to achieve this voluminous look. Worth the money. This is a keep and future repurchase!"


  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Cleanses hair as well as thickens it


  • Smaller bottle may need replacing more often

Best lightweight hair thickening shampoo

Bumble and Bumble's thickening volume shampoo is specifically formulated for people who have fine and thin hair, so its main aim is to help with tackling that issue head on. This shampoo contains a potent blend of Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5.

Review: "It’s the best thickening shampoo for fine hair. I’ve tried many and this is the best."


  • Smoothing and leaves hair looking silky
  • Easily lathered


  • Not suitable for curly hair - only formulated for straight and wavy hair

Best thickening shampoo bundle

Not sure what conditioner you should use alongside your thickening shampoo? L'Oreal has all the answers for you with the Fibrology thickening shampoo and conditioner bundle. Both products thicken the hair fibres and are enriched with filloxane for reliable results.

Review: "I recently went to the hairdressers, and was informed that my hair was very thin, they recommended I try a hair thickening shampoo, so I decided to try this product, I have to say it is amazing, I already am noticing a difference with my hair, i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who cares to ask."


  • Don't have to find a suitable conditioner
  • Contains filloxane


  • Some people say results take a while to appear

Best high-end thickening shampoo

Grow Gorgeous Thickening Shampoo
Price: £30 (was £40)

A thickening shampoo on the pricier side, but certainly worth investing in if you want to take your hair thickening journey seriously and potentially get quicker results. Grow Gorgeous contains biotin and amino acids and thoroughly revamps dull and thin hair.

Review: "I have purchased and used this with the conditioner. They smell lush! Happy with how my hair was from using it and the convenience of having a pump to use."


  • Fast results from an intense thickening formula
  • Contains biotin and amino acids


  • Doesn't lather as much as shampoo containing sulphates

Best vegan-friendly thickening shampoo

If you're looking for a vegan-friendly and planet-conscious shampoo, you've hit a home run with Noughty. The products are great if you're looking to add some organic extracts to your hair in an attempt to thicken it. This shampoo contains pea complex.

Review: "Love the brand for being leaping bunny approved and vegan and think this shampoo is my fave from their line. My hair looks so good after washing it with this and the conditioner!"


  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Contains pea complex


  • Smaller bottle than some others on the market

Do hair thickening shampoos actually work?

As mentioned before, hair thickening shampoos don't tackle the problem of hair loss, well, head on. It is however a great alternative if you're looking to thicken up fine and thin hair.

Hair thickening shampoos contain ingredients such as biotin and collagen which are scientifically proven to improve and promote hair regrowth in anyone at any age. It also improves the structure of the hair meaning that it's less likely to break in the future and in turn, will look thicker.

Are there cons to using hair thickening shampoos?

Like any shampoo, hair thickening shampoo may cause a build-up of product in your scalp after wash days. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp you may need to check the ingredients of the product you are using as it may inflame and irritate your skin. You might find that your scalp may go dry, and if that happens, we recommend switching to a dandruff shampoo.

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