12 of the best shampoos for oily, greasy hair

Combat oil and cleanse your scalp with the best clarifying shampoos for oily hair.

The best shampoos for oily, greasy hair

by Angelica Daujotas |

Washing our hair is a chore most of us wish to avoid as much as possible, and if you experience oily, greasy hair you might feel you spend most of your life in the shower.

The thought of washing our hair one or two times a week may seem unrealistic to many, who feel weighed down by hair just one day after a wash. Some hair can become greasy and oily very quickly due to a multitude of factors, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Identifying the root of the issue is the best place to start, and a great shampoo designed to target oily hair is your next step.

Why is my hair oily and greasy?

According to Pantene, greasy hair is caused by an excess or build-up of sebum, the natural oils our scalp produces to support the health of our hair. After every wash, these oils build up and can leave the surface of your hair to appear oily or greasy and weighed down.

All hair gets greasy over time, but there may be a direct reason your hair is appearing oily quicker, here are a few to note:

Over washing your hair – washing your hair too often is one of the biggest reasons your hair could be appearing greasier. Ease down on washing and aim for one to two times a week max.

Artificial chemicals – many shampoos on the market contain crazy amounts of chemicals and ingredients that are actively making our hair worse. Look out for paraben-free, silicone-free and sulphate-free hair products.

Unhealthy eating habits – You are what you eat! A healthy diet rich in nutrients and great vitamins will promote healthier hair.

Genetics – if you’ve noticed oily hair runs in your family, this may be a genetic condition, consult your GP for the best treatment.

Hormones – changes in hormones from puberty to pregnancy and menopause, can have a huge impact on our hair and increase the amount of sebum your scalp is producing.

How can I stop my hair from getting so greasy?

There are a few things you can look out for or choose to change in your routine, to help you decrease the amount of time you spend washing your oily hair.

1. Shampoo and conditioner: Choose your shampoo and hair care products very carefully, look out for products free of harsh chemicals and designed for greasy and oily hair.

2. Don’t wash your hair every day: Try not to over-wash your hair, dry shampoos are great for a quick re-fresh but make sure all products are thoroughly cleansed out of your hair.

3. Amount of hair product: Most of the population use way too much shampoo and conditioner in their hair. Aim for around the size of a 10p coin for shampoo and target conditioner only to the ends of your hair, avoiding roots.

4. Natural remedies: Apple cider vinegar diluted with water is believed to be a great at-home treatment for oily hair. Watch this great YouTube video to try it out yourself.

SHOP: The best shampoos for oily, greasy hair

Start your journey to healthy, clean and shiny hair with the best shampoo behind you all the way. We’re found the best clarifying and purifying shampoos for oily hair available, to help you get your hair back under control and looking the best it ever has.

Best overall shampoo for oily hair
OGX Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo

From boosting skin health to aiding weight loss, apple cider vinegar can pretty much do it all and now it can even help you cleanse and boost shine in your hair. This shine-enhancing OGX shampoo gently clarifies to help eliminate residue and build up. An uplifting blend with Apple Cider Vinegar helps to balance the scalp, remove unwanted oil and leave hair super clean and shiny. It’s a tried and tested ancient remedy brought up to date with a luxe formulation and an amazingly fresh and fruity fragrance.


Volume: 385ml

Hair type: Recommended for normal, fine & dry hair.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: “Gets my shoulder-length hair nice and clean. I have greasy hair (which I have to wash daily) and it definitely cuts through the grease and makes my hair feel cleaner. Smells unusual, not like fresh apples, but quite fresh. All in all, I'd definitely buy it again.”

Best haircare kit for oily hair
OUAI Haircare Get Your OUAI Kit

From hairstylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin, OUAI Haircare is the secret to that enviable, French girl tousled texture. The OUAI Hair Refresh Kit features a gentle duo of nourishing products to rejuvenate your locks. The kit offers a detoxing shampoo designed to keep your hair cleansed and luscious while the dry shampoo gives you the perfect boost of freshness in between washes. Enriched with apple cider vinegar and keratin, the formula of the Detox Shampoo features strengthening properties to help nurture the locks while nourishing from root to tip.


Volume: Detox Shampoo – 300ml, Super Dry Shampoo – 127g

Hair type: All hair types.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: “I had a sample of the Detox shampoo and absolutely loved it. I bought the kit as it’s an amazing value, I’m not usually using dry shampoo but it’s always good to have it. Detox shampoo is so gentle on my sensitive scalp, but powerful enough to cleanse away all dirt and oils, leaving my hair fresh, clean, and soft. I think I found my new favourite.”

Best shampoo for fine hair
Rhyme & Reason Volume & Boost Shampoo

Rhyme & Reason’s Volume & Boost Shampoo is 92% naturally derived and formulated to give thin, flat, lifeless hair that enviavle blow-dry bounce. Added Bamboo extract helps to perk up greasy locks and expect fresh, weightless and va-va-voomy hair after every use. What's more, all Rhyme & Reason products are packaged in eco-friendly 100% recycled bottle and caps.


Volume: 385ml

Hair type: Thin, flat hair.

Sulphate free: Yes

**Review: "**It really cleans my hair, from tips to scalp. That's so so important when you have little hair! Highly recommend it to anyone who has experienced hair loss recently."

Best shampoo for detoxing oily hair
Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo

Designed to lift away product residue, excess oil, and built-up pollutants, the Bumble and bumble Sunday shampoo gives your hair a fresh, clean start after every wash. Use weekly to deeply cleanse and detoxify your hair and scalp, leaving hair beautifully soft without any dryness.


Volume: 250ml

Hair type: Fine to medium, non-colour treated hair.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: “I have super thick hair, and nothing was getting it clean with London's hard water. This is the ONLY thing I have found that actually removes product residue and doesn't leave my hair feeling gummy. I am so happy I found it.”

Best shampoo for a healthy scalp
Redken Scalp Relief Shampoo

Healthy hair starts from the scalp, this shampoo works to give your hair the best start by equalising your pH levels and promoting healthy, clean roots. Cleanse and instantly absorb excess oil to purify your scalp with this Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo for longer-lasting freshness.


Volume: 300ml

Hair type: Normal to dry hair.

Sulphate free: No

Review: “I’ve never tried anything like this... You can actually feel the sponges absorbing the oils of your hair. What an amazing feeling for lasting fresh and clean hair.”

Best scalp scrub for oily hair
GOOP G.TOX Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

Ever feel like there’s residue on your scalp, even after you’ve washed your hair? You need Goops G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo, an ingenious exfoliating shampoo that will grant results guaranteed to go straight to your head. This whipped texture shampoo is enriched with exfoliating mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, nourishing cold-pressed moringa oil, and pure unfiltered rosehip oil, which work together to purify and detoxify, cleansing away dead skin cells and clearing product build-up.


Volume: 200ml

Hair type: All hair types.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: “I have an oily problematic scalp and usually have to wash my hair every other day. This makes my hair super fresh looking FOR DAYS!”

Best volumizing shampoo for oily hair
LUSH Seanik Shampoo Bar

Embrace the ocean with this volumizing sea salt and lemon shampoo bar. Designed to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, the Nori seaweed works to soften hair while the lemon oil boosts shine without leaving your hair feeling greasy. Packaging-free and vegan, this zero-waste shampoo bar is a great eco-friendly pick for oily hair.


Volume: 55g

Hair type: All hair types.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: "My hair is now much thicker, bouncy and does not get greasy. I really did not expect such drastic results. I now only have to wash my hair 1-2 times a week and I don't have to use conditioner."

Best luxury shampoo for oily hair
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Anti-Oil Astringent Cleanser

Silicone and paraben-free, Shu Uemura Art of Hair Anti-Oil Astringent Cleanser is a super-lightweight shampoo that works to effectively cleanse and refresh your locks. Working to rebalance the sebaceous glands to slow future oil production, the luxurious formula ensures your hair stays clean and free of grease for longer.


Volume: 400ml

Hair type: Recommended for oily hair.

Sulphate free: No

Review: “I used some castor oil in my hair to moisture it and I had read a lot about it helping your hair grow faster. Big mistake! Couldn’t wash it out for two weeks. My roots were constantly greasy it was like I hadn’t washed my hair. Bought this product and after the first wash it took all the excess grease away Would recommend it to anyone with greasy roots.”

Best shampoo for dandruff and oil control
System Professional Purify Shampoo

Perfect for those who suffer from an oily scalp and dandruff, System Professional Purify Shampoo works to minimise oils and impurities to deeply cleanse your locks. With a high-performance Dermapure Complex, the shampoo eliminates dandruff-causing micro-organisms and banishes excess sebum to leave your scalp cleansed and refreshed.


Volume: 250ml

Hair type: Recommended for hair prone to dandruff.

Sulphate free: Yes

Review: “My first time trying this brand and really impressed by how effective it was in removing dandruff. After 2 to 3 washes, I noticed a significant difference, my scalp felt much more healthy and less flaky. The shampoo and conditioner work really well in conjunction with each other and lather up really nicely and my hair looked and felt amazing.”

Best shampoo for oily hair at all ages
Pantene Pro-V Professional Shampoo Hair Biology Purifies & Regenerates

Pantene Hair Biology Purifies & Regenerates is a shampoo that nourishes damaged fibres and purifies the roots in-depth, for healthy and vital looking hair. Thanks to Rose Water, Micellar Water and Pro-V infusion for 24 hours of light hair. Targeting your hairs roots and damaged fibres, this shampoo works for hair of all ages.


Volume: 250ml

Hair type: Recommended for oily and damaged hair.

Sulphate free: No

Review: “I have been using Pantene from the grocery for many years. I ordered this during lockdown when shopping online and I love the difference it has made to my hair. It is noticeable to other people, as well - Highly recommend.”

Best shampoo for silky soft hair
DAVINES SOLU Clarifying Shampoo

An ultra-gentle clarifying formula for those with a dependency on styling products, Davines Solu Shampoo works to swiftly eliminate build-up and grime to recover your oomph and leave strands silky soft. Created in a lab that runs on 100% clean energy, the packaging is also fully recyclable so it's kind to your strands and the planet.


Volume: 250ml

Hair type: All hair types.

Sulphate free: No

Review: “I was looking for a shampoo to help with my oily roots and this was recommended in an article. I was previously having to wash my hair every other day or else it looked greasy! This shampoo is worth the price, it cleans my hair well and I’m able to go that extra day now without worrying about it looking oily. Subtle pleasant smell, I will certainly be buying this again.”

Best value shampoo for oily hair
Faith In Nature Natural Lemon and Tea Tree Shampoo

This shampoo is made with organic lemon and tea tree oil, providing a fresh citrus blast to uplift, cleanse and energise your day. Suitable for normal to oily hair, the shampoo has been formulated to care for your hair with high quality, naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients.


Volume: 400ml

Hair type: Normal to oily hair.

Sulphate free: No

Review: “Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo has a nice, fresh, delicate scent, not overpowering or artificial. It leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, but I do find it also leaves it feeling a little dry; this is quickly remedied with conditioner. Overall, I’m happy with the shampoo, it’s reasonably priced, with an extremely pleasant fragrance.”

VERDICT: The best shampoo for oily hair

With so many amazing shampoos out there, each designed to combat factors of oily and greasy hair, picking the best will be different for every hair type and budget.

If you’re looking for a shampoo that targets your scalp and roots for longer-lasting freshness, the best shampoo for oily hair would be the Redken Scalp Relief Shampoo.

Willing to splash the cash? Then the GOOP G.TOX Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo is a top pick. With amazing ingredients that work together to purify and detoxify, this scalp scrub will banish greasy hair for sure.

Drumroll, please… if you’re going to make us pick an overall winner for the best shampoo for oily hair, we’re going to present the award to the OGX Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo. With over 1000 amazing five-star reviews on Amazon, the shampoo comes at a great affordable price point and promises exceptional results within a few washes.

There are loads of options out there so just make sure you do your research. We have rated every shampoo above with specifications and features, so read into them carefully to make the best decision for you and your hair.


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What is my hair type?

Your hair type refers to your hair texture and structure, knowing your hair type can help you to find products that work best for your hair as well as the perfect haircut and styles.

Hair texture

Hair texture relates to the shape and pattern of your hair strands. There are four main categories we commonly use:

• Type one: straight

• Type two: wavy

• Type three: curly

• Type four: coily

This diagram from Healthline.com is a great visual guide to help you identify your hair texture.

Hair structure

Hair structure refers specifically to your individual strand thickness, this will affect which styles your hair can hold and products best for volume, hold and shine. Generally, your hair can fall into three categories: fine, medium, and coarse (or thick). Function of Beauty has a great trick for identifying your hair structure:

An easy way to tell which category your hair falls into is to take a single strand from your hairbrush and lay it down on a plain, flat surface.

Next, cut a piece of sewing thread about six inches long (choose a similar colour to your hair if you can) and place it next to your strand of hair.

If your hair appears thinner than the sewing thread, your hair is fine, while if it seems thicker, it’s likely coarse. Anything in between them would be medium.

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