The best setting sprays that are quite honestly a spritz of magic

Tried, tested and loved by us 🤩

best setting sprays

by Aimee Jakes |

Anyone remember the dark ages of make-up, when Dream Matte Mousse was used as, er, lipstick and we used to hairspray our faces to keep our base in tact?


Thankfully, thanks to the YouTube tutorials, hard-working formulas and beauty blenders, we are getting better at the whole make-up lark...

... and thanks to setting sprays, we never have to rely on our trusty Elnett again.

Setting spray is mostly known for its ability to keep your make-up in place for hours, but it also helps to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Some even give your make-up the IRL filter look.

What's more is they are effortless to apply. Close your eyes and simply spritz a few times and you're good to go.

From sensitive skin savours to slept-on wonders, the heat style team reveal the setting spray they swear by...

CHECK OUT: the best setting sprays, as chosen by the heat style team

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Different ways to use a setting spray:

As a primer: spray the mist over freshly moisturised skin to prime your skin for make-up application. A godsend for nights out.

As a make-up refresher: y'know when make-up looks a bit rubbish a few hours after application? Yep, well a setting spray can help refresh your hard work for a 'just applied' finish. Mwahaha.

As a heatwave essential: keep your bottle in the fridge and use to cool yourself down when you're feeling hot and bothered. Thank us later.

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