My favourite mascara for droopy lashes is currently just £5.94 on Amazon

It's the BEST

max factor masterpiece waterproof mascara

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So, you curl your lashes, apply mascara and, suddenly, all of that curl you just spent minutes creating has disappeared? Welcome to the club.

If you, like me, are sadly not a member of the naturally-long-and-luscious-lashes club, then I'm very sorry. It's extremely annoying wasting precious money on mascara after mascara to just be left with the same old limp lashes at the end of it. And don't get me started on the fact that every boy I've ever met has seemingly longer and thicker lashes than me. Hmph.

But, ladies and gents, there is a solution.

I must have been around 21 when I discovered this GEM of a product, and I'm never looking back. It almost always costs less than a tenner, and it's one of the only mascaras I've found that 'does it all.'

The mascara that need to buy, without a doubt, is...the Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara.

Why, you ask?

Though I will admit this mascara does look like your normal run-of-the-mill high street mascara, it isn't. In fact, it manages to keep all the curl (yes all) from my eyelash curlers, it defines my lashes AND it doesn't transfer the product onto my eyelid.

max factor masterpiece review
My lashes before and after curling and applying Max Factor Masterpiece to my lashes

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The best mascara for droopy lashes

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CREDIT: Amazon

Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara Black

It's suitable for sensitive eyes, it'll make your lashes POP, and it's available on Prime (AKA you can have it on your doorstep tomorrow). Go, GO.

How do I keep the curl in my eyelashes?

This is a question I endlessly Googled for the better part of my late teens, but it turns out, waterproof mascara is the answer.

Why is waterproof mascara better for keeping eyelash curl?

The reason waterproof mascara is actually _water_proof is because it's not water-based. Indeed, unlike non-waterproof mascaras, waterproof mascaras are oil-based and, therefore lighter.

Imagine you filled a jar with water and added a couple drops of olive oil - what would happen? The oil would float to the top.

Oil is lighter than water and so, while it might be a pain to get off, waterproof mascara is lighter on your lashes. This essentially means it won't weigh down each lash as you apply, nor will it weigh down your precious curl.

After all, you wouldn't curl your hair just to get in the shower and wash out all the curls, would you? Regular mascara is to your curled lashes, what a shower would be to a head of curls. A no, no, if you ask me.

Make 👏 the 👏 switch 👏 to 👏 waterproof 👏 mascara 👏 today 👏.

The Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara will keep your curl all day long, it has a plastic spoolie (so it'll separate every one of your lashes for a classy and fan-like look), and it's a small enough brush to avoid getting the product all over your eyelids as you apply.

I've tried a few of the more expensive waterproof mascaras (By Terry, I'm looking at you) and even at double, no triple, the price, none of them achieve as foolproof a result as this one.

Trust me and add this to your basket. Plus, if I'm wrong (I'm not), you've only lost a fiver, so shop it now.

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So, you've just bought the best mascara ever, woohoo. Now you've got to think about how to remove it. As a heads up, I find oil-based make-up removers work best - so cleansing balms, butters and, well, oils.

My favourite cleansing balm, from Yes To, is an absolute STEAL on Amazon and costs less than a tenner. It smells of heavenly coconut, and it removes waterproof mascara fast. Plus, it's soothing to the eyes and makes a lovely change to the alternative of dragging the product off with some micellar water and a rough cotton pad. No, no, I think not.

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