How to wear 90s hair clips

Move over 2020, we’re looking back to the 90s for hair inspo 😍

90s hair clips

by Lily Anderson |

Growing up in the 90s meant I was exposed to AMAZING things like the Spice Girls, Charlie Red body spray and roll-on body glitter. One of my most prized possessions when I was a child was my 90s butterfly hair clips. I would wear them to every disco without a doubt and dance to S Club 7 – because their ain’t no party like an S Club Party.

SO the best part of a day, I’ve been glued to sites across the web trying to find the best 90s hair clips. You wouldn’t believe how many cute ones there are! If you’re thinking about throwing it back, here is how to wear 90s hair clips:

We’ve looked to 90s style icons for inspiration on how to rock this look:

The Olsen Twins

Think middle partings and clips on either side....

Lizzie McGuire

Having a bad hair day? Just chuck some clips in and it'll look absolute fire.

Melissa Joan Hart

She stole our hearts in Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We totally love Melissa's 90s style.

There's only one thing left to do...

Throw it back with these 90s hair clips:

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Throw it back with these 90s hair clips

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