Cinzia Baylis-Zullo makes a strong case for the oversized pink shirt

Turns out, it's an absolute steal from New Look

Cinzia - New Look

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From dating dilemmas and juicy stories to inspirational life lessons and quotes, The Girls Bathroom podcast is easily our favourite way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Now, one half of the podcast, Cinzia Baylis-Zullo, looks hot fire flames in an oversized pink shirt and it's making us hella excited for hot girl summer.

Puffer coats? We honestly can't wait to see the back of her.

Cinz paired the oversized neon pink shirt with white sport socks, New Balance trainers, yellow-tinted sunnies and a huge iced matcha latte. TBH, this look is going straight on our vision boards.

Posting the snazzy outfit pic to her 495k followers on the 'gram, the influencer titled the post. "pink > anything else💕💘💞 @newlook #ad"

The best part of the ensemble? The pink shirt in question has25% off and is just £18.74 from New Look.There's even still a full size range in stock. Thank you, universe.

Shop the pink shirt below and roll on the summer months. Just think, you'll be holding an Aperol Spritz in a pub garden in no time.

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In other news, we caught up with Sophia (Tuxford) and Cinzia for heat's Self-care Sunday and they shared their top tips for giving really great advice...

Cinzia: I think advice given is easy because you're not emotionally involved. When you're not emotionally involved, you can detach yourself quite easily and just see the situation for what it is.

Sophia: Because giving advice and taking your own advice are two very different things. And I feel like it's easier to give advice, like on the podcast, for example, because we're not emotionally invested...

Cinzia: We don't know either person. It's not like I'm like, 'Oh, yes, Jessica, I know her'

Sophia: We just get the straight facts, the very black and white, like it is what it is, it's so much easier to see it from that perspective. It's so much harder when you know someone personally. Try and remove your emotions from the situation. I feel like then you can kind of see the situation for what it truly is, instead of making excuses for people... which is easier said than done. That would be my advice.

Read the full interview here.

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