Sophia and Cinzia’s boyfriends: who are the YouTubers dating?

YouTuber duo Sophia and Cinzia are all loved up with their mystery boyfriends

youtube sophia and cinzia boyfriends

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

If you're looking for someone to watch on YouTube then you NEED to watch Sophia and Cinzia.

The duo who have been BFFs for life post long vlogs of themselves going on holiday to fun places like New York City, moving down to London or creating vision boards.

So pretty much all of our goals for the year.

While the duo split from their ex-boyfriends near enough around the same time in 2020, it appears that Sophia and Cinzia have both well and truly moved on with their new boyfriends.

Cinzia Baylis-Zullo's boyfriend

Cinzia has been dating her new boyfriend for quite some time but it was in August 2021 when she finally posted a photo of him.

She kept fans guessing about his identity with this pic of their shadows but that didn't stop her followers from going wild in the comments.

"WHOS THAT POKEMON????," questioned one fan.

Another wrote, "Oh girl he’s tall too 😍😍😍".

Someone else said, "The way my jaw dropped, congrats gorgeous 💕".

A few weeks later she then shared a blurry with her boyfriend and sorry but how INCRED do they both look?

Cinzia then packed on the PDA again in January 2022 when she posted a throwback photo of herself alongside her boyfriend from their holiday in Mykonos.

In the black and white photo Cinzia is wearing a bikini and is kissing her boyfriend who's topless.

He's wearing a bucket hat so you can't fully see his face but it's very clear from the photo that he's FIT.

We're going to need an appearance of him in a vlog tbh, but we doubt it because she's not even revealed his name.

In fact, she's given him the fake name Brian to keep his identity a secret and lots of her followers have even guessed who he is and some of the responses are hilarious.

One person wrote, "BRIAN REVEAL".

"Is that Craig David," asked another fan.

Someone else joked, "U forgot to tag him x."

One more follower said, "No no no it's reveal time stop teasing."

Sophia Tuxford's boyfriend

And Cinzia isn't the only one who's loved up as Sophie recently spoke about her boyfriend on YouTube.

She admitted that most people think he's way older than 27 (his age) because of his beard.

Sophia did leave her followers thinking she was engaged after she posted a ring pic on Valentine's Day.

And in June 2022, she shared a picture of herself and her boyfriend on her Instagram Story.

sophia and cinzia boyfriend
©instagram / sophiatuxford


Sophia and Cinzia open up about their boyfriends

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan the YouTubers opened up about their boyfriends and how they cope with how close Sophia and Cinzia are.

"They totally get it. The good thing is, they're so supportive and understanding. They know Sophia is my life and I am Sophia's live and that it is a package deal.

"And if there ever was any problems there, they wouldn't be our boyfriends," Cinzia revealed.

Sophia went on to add, "We've got to work on them being a duo, we're a duo. Boy dates just the two of them. That's our plan."

She then went on to reveal that they like to keep their relationship private so they can have "downtime".

Cinzia then went on to say, "It's nice to have a separate life off social media because we share a lot of our friendship [on social media].

"As we've gotten older we kind of realise we want to keep what's most precious to us offline and in time you never know, we might get more comfortable and share more down the line."

Sophia added, "Our social media is for fashion, our friendship and what we like to do together - we want to keep it super fun! We just like to keep it separate and I don't know why but we've always been like it in past relationships."

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