Grunge aesthetic: How to dress like a grunge girl in 2022

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Grunge aesthetic outfit ideas

by Isabel Martins |

Whether it's Kourtney and Travis, MGK and Megan Fox, Green Day teasing a new album, or the return of spiked collars and leather jackets, the vibes for 2022 are definitely pop-punk and grunge.

Although pop-punk music first hit the scene in the late 1970s with The Ramones (a must-have band tee), and grunge emerged with Nirvana in the early 1990s, both music genres kept growing in popularity and have continued to gain new followers well into the noughties and now.

With the rise of TikTok and the aforementioned #powercouples, it's safe to say that punk and grunge are stronger than ever, with baggy shirts, combat boots, ripped jeans and wrist cuffs becoming all the rage once more. And we can't lie, the aesthetic is to die for. It's officially time to bust out that old flannel shirt from the back of your closet, as well as purchase some new items to complete the look, of course.

If you're stuck on inspiration for your grunge outfits, don't panic (at the disco), we've got you covered with plenty of Insta and TikTok inspo below:

What is grunge style?

The grunge aesthetic is meant to have an "I don't care" look, teamed with a rebel attitude and vibe. Think Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani in the '90s, and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. Urban Dictionary defines it as being "loosely tied in with rock and punk but stands as its own genre of music and style of dress. They just don't care, they throw on whatever."

There are several different types of grunge styles. 90's grunge, which involves skinny jeans and oversized denim coats, soft grunge which is a hybrid of mainstream fashion and grunge, and cute grunge, which sees your outfits a bit more matched and cuter than some of the other styles. Many of them often crossover with gothic styles and e-girl styles.

Essential grunge accessories:

• Flared skirts

• Oversized flannel shirts and t-shirts

• Loose skirts or trousers

• SO many layers

• Graphic tees

• Ripped jeans

• Ripped or fishnet tights

• Lots of heavy silver and black jewellery

Ready to find your favourite grunge outfit? We've got you covered with some of the best grunge clothes from the high street to shop right now.

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The best grunge aesthetic outfits of 2022

Skull t-shirt dress
1 of 15

Grunge is all about oversized items, and this skull grey t-shirt perfectly fits the vibe.

Reclaimed Vintage inspired organic cotton hoodie
2 of 15

Super comfy graphic hoodies? Yes, please.

organic cotton blend mid rise oversized 'skater' jean
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Skater girl vibes, but make it chic ud83eudd29

Rocker Pendant Necklace
4 of 15

Ah, silver crosses and layered jewellery, where the worlds of pop-punk, rock and grunge merge together. Pair this with a black crop top and loose jeans or a skirt.

Romwe Plaid Pleated Chain Skirt
5 of 15

Tartan style skirt? This gets a big YES from us.

Purple Haze Skater Dress
6 of 15

This is definitely more of a soft grunge look, and tbh we're so here for it.

Motorhead Signature Collection Top
7 of 15

There's a bit of crossover between heavy metal and grunge, so rep this iconic band in style.

Smiley Hooded sweater
8 of 15

Go full grunge and represent one of the bands that helped bring the iconic style to life.

Oversized Shacket In Cream And Black Check
9 of 15

Oversized checked flannel shirts are a grunge staple.

Plus 2 In 1 Striped Panel Drop Shoulder Tee
10 of 15

Full-on skater girl/grunge vibes, this would look SO cute with a black flared skirt.

SurmountWay Studded Belt
11 of 15

Large, statement pieces like this chained belt are another grunge aesthetic staple.

Kelsie Black Fishnet Tights
12 of 15

The perfect addition to your flared skirts or baggy ripped jeans.

UO Navy Check Milly Mesh Playsuit
13 of 15

100 per cent soft grunge vibes. Layer with a baggy flannel shirt and an oversized denim or leather jacket.

Black Sole Stitch Lace Up Chelsea Boots
14 of 15

Doc Martens (or dupes) are a must when it comes to putting together your grunge outfit.

UO Bella Paisley Burnout Mesh Corset Top
15 of 15

Cute grunge vibes. It would also look stunning with a baggy shirt - grunge is all about layers, after all.

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