Indie aesthetic outfits: how to dress like a ’90s bombshell in 2022

The original cool girl ✌️

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What do you get when you mix indie-rock nostalgia, grunge and hella "I'm with the band" energy? You get indie aesthetic - the fashion lovechild of the '90s. Think of flannels, denim, and layering of jewellery. Basically the original cool girl. No, don't think of the cool girl monologue from Gone Girl. We're talking positive cool girl: the epitome of women in the '90s, taking back masculine elements of fashion for themselves. In the nineties, women said goodbye to frills and lace and hello to structured fabrics and earthy tones.

Don't get it twisted, the indie aesthetic genre has changed over the years. Some of the younger generations define indie aesthetic as being more colourful and vivid, named "indie core", but still with the '90s influence of layering and comfort. However, we would define this style as more E-girlthan indie. Luckily for you, we've got a guide to E-girl outfits too. What can we say, we are Cher Horowitz-level addicted to fashion.

So, if you want to dress like a true '90s indie gal, follow our guide below. A millennial masterclass if you will. We've got a mood board for inspo, as well as a full guide on where to buy the best indie clothing and accessories.

What does the indie aesthetic look like?

We've created some mood boards to remind you of that authentic indie aesthetic experience. Of course, we have to say hail Mary to the forerunner of indie fashion in the '90s and early noughties: Mrs Drew Barrymore. A wild child in her younger days, the Scream star rocked the indie aesthetic with ease.

pictures of drew barrymore's indie fashion throughout the years
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Elements that she pulled from the indie aesthetic included: floral shirts and dresses, wide-brim hats, flannel, checks, tartan, baggy jumpers, graphic tees, leather jackets and denim shorts.

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pictures of indie 90s aesthetic to create a mood board

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You can see the indie aesthetic defo takes inspiration from grunge and also a bit of noughties hipster fashion (although not too much - we're not going into moustache shirt territory here). The vibe is comfort with a hint of edge. Looking like this, you're totally ready to stand in the middle of a concert crowd and whisper to the person next to you "my partner's in this band. Wanna come to the after-party?"

So, what do you need to get your indie aesthetic wardrobe started? We've got the only lookbook you'll need right here, with fashion from UK high street shops that won't cost you the earth.

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Indie aesthetic: where to shop the look in 2022

indie aesthetic1 of 24
CREDIT: emmiol

Pixel Face Print Long Sleeve Tee - Blue

**Let's start with shirts and tees...**This is possibly the most '90s shirt you've ever seen. We love it. Totally indie.

Acid Floral Printed Bowling Shirt2 of 24
CREDIT: oasis

Acid Floral Printed Bowling Shirt

Indie aesthetic includes floral designs, but in more masculine cuts such as the bowling shirt style.

UO Pink Floyd Baby T-Shirt3 of 24
CREDIT: urban outfitters

UO Pink Floyd Baby T-Shirt

For the indie aesthetic, band tees are a must. We love this Pink Floyd cropped tee from Urban Outfitters.

Women Portrait Print Crop Tank Top4 of 24
CREDIT: amazon

Women Portrait Print Crop Tank Top

These tank tops come in a bunch of different designs but are all indie aesthetic approved. We want to buy them all ud83dude2d. (Btw, reviews recommend you size up.)

UO Tonal Blue Brendan Flannel Shirt5 of 24
CREDIT: urban outfitters

UO Tonal Blue Brendan Flannel Shirt

You can't be an indie chick without some good ol' flannel.

H&M Checkered Shirt6 of 24

H&M Checkered Shirt

You can choose from seven different colours with the H&M checkered shirt, including red, brown/white, black, light beige, light purple, yellow and light grey.

MaNMaNing Women Striped Sweater Pullover7 of 24
CREDIT: amazon

MaNMaNing Women Striped Sweater Pullover

Oversized jumpers are truly one of life's pleasures. Basically a wearable blanket ud83dude0d.

Ultra High-Rise Ripped Medium Wash Mom Jeans8 of 24
CREDIT: hollister

Ultra High-Rise Ripped Medium Wash Mom Jeans

**Next, let's tackle trousers...**When it comes to denim, the more ripped, the better.

90s Baggy High Jeans9 of 24

H&M 90s Baggy High Jeans

However, if you're haunted by your nan berating you for buying pre-ripped jeans, these baggy high-waisted jeans from H&M are also brilliant. You can get them in four different shades.

Ultra High-Rise Ripped Medium Wash Denim Mom Short10 of 24
CREDIT: hollister

Ultra High-Rise Ripped Medium Wash Denim Mom Short

The sun is finally out, so chuck on your denim shorts and look festival ready.

Sunnydale Check Tailored Trousers11 of 24
CREDIT: disturbia

Sunnydale Check Tailored Trousers

If you're not a denim diva, these checked trousers from Disturbia are indie as heck.

Floral Pattern Cami Maxi Dress12 of 24
CREDIT: cider

Floral Pattern Cami Maxi Dress

**Let's get dressy up in this ish...**Indie aesthetics also brings in elements of '70s hippy culture, which we are always happy to see ud83cudf38.

Advanced Stretch Mini Dress13 of 24
CREDIT: hollister

Advanced Stretch Mini Dress

A checkered mini dress is essential indie equipment.

Original & Vintage Boyfriend Trucker Jacket14 of 24
CREDIT: superdry

Original & Vintage Boyfriend Trucker Jacket

**Some jackets for layering up...**A good quality denim jacket will last you a lifetime, so it's a fabulous investment for your fashion future.

Stradivarius faux leather jacket in black15 of 24
CREDIT: asos

Stradivarius Faux Leather Jacket in Black

Feel like an indie rocker with this super affordable leather jacket from ASOS (faux, of course, 'cause we love the animals.)

Beechfield Trawler Beanie16 of 24
CREDIT: amazon

Beechfield Trawler Beanie

**Accessories are essential...**Beanie hats are an indie aesthetic must. There are different beanie designs you can go for, but the trawler beanie is our fav for that '90s feel.

The North Face Logo Cuffed beanie in beige17 of 24
CREDIT: asos

The North Face Logo Cuffed Beanie in Beige

We love this light-coloured North Face beanie, too.

ASOS DESIGN Structured Fedora Hat with Size Adjuster in Black18 of 24
CREDIT: asos

ASOS DESIGN Structured Fedora Hat with Size Adjuster in Black

Would it really be an indie fashion lookbook without a fedora? We say bring the fedora back: if low-rise jeans are having their moment, why can't they?

Mango Bucket Hat19 of 24
CREDIT: mango

Mango Bucket Hat

This bucket hat comes in either lilac or black. The bucket hat is more Gen Z indie core influence, but we love to see it.

MJARTORIA Moon Pentagram Necklace20 of 24
CREDIT: amazon

MJARTORIA Moon Pentagram Necklace

Indie aesthetics can sometimes merge into emo territory. All millennials had their emo phase (don't lie to yourself), so this blend is perfect to bring back the nostalgia.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Converse21 of 24
CREDIT: converse

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Converse

**And finally, let's finish with some shoes...**Every indie girl back in the day had a pair of Converse on their shoe rack. They're a timeless piece of footwear that will never go out of style.

Checkered Classic Slip-On Vans22 of 24
CREDIT: vans

Checkered Classic Slip-On Vans

This image just gave you violent flashbacks to the early noughties, didn't it? Give yourself a moment to recover.

Vegan 1460 Bex Mono Dr Marten Boots23 of 24
CREDIT: dr martens

Vegan 1460 Bex Mono Dr Martens Boots

Kick 'em to the curb with a pair of iconic vegan Dr Martens. We recommend also getting the Wonder Balsam to help break your boots in.

ASICS Birch & Smoke Grey GEL Venture 6 Trainers24 of 24
CREDIT: urban outfitters

ASICS Birch & Smoke Grey GEL Venture 6 Trainers

Pop on a pair of retro-style trainers with your ripped jeans and jean jacket, and you'll be a total '90s bombshell.

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