The best outfits from Inventing Anna (and how to recreate them on the high street)

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The best outfits from Inventing Anna and how to recreate them on the high-street picture of Anna on Yacht in red dress

by Ruby Barry |

Shonda Rhimes. Does. Not. Miss. PERIOD.

Just when you think she's done blessing you with binge-worthy TV, she pulls another one out of the hat. Case and point; after the success of Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and Bridgerton (you may have heard of it?) Shondaland released Inventing Anna on Netflix in February 2022 and graced us with drama galore and some very strange accents.

Inventing Anna is based on the true story of con artist Anna Sorokin and her journey in committing fraud on basically the whole of the New York elite. The real-life Anna is currently living a luxurious life in state prison, but (fun fact) got paid $320,000 for the rights to her life story.

Inventing Anna had everybody talking about Julia Garner's wardrobe, who plays Anna in the Netflix show. Just like in her other shows, Shonda does not let us down when it comes to the swanky outfits her female leads get to wear. The real Anna Sorokin cared so much about her looks that she had a wardrobe stylist to source outfits for her court sessions, so it makes complete sense that Inventing Anna's outfits were going to be spectacular.

However. this may be the most expensive wardrobe department used on any Netflix show... ever. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Alexander McQueen, you name it, every designer had their time to shine in Inventing Anna. But what if you love Anna's outfits, and want to recreate them for your own wardrobe? We've got you, boo.

We've got a list of nine iconic outfits from Inventing Anna, covering everything from accessories, to dresses, to capes (Batman chic). Not only do we have the original items that Julia Garner wore on set if you want to treat yourself to the designer item, but recreations from the high-street if you want to be fabulous on a budget.

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Inventing Anna: what she's wearing, and how you can recreate it

inventing anna court scene wearing her iconic glasses
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 1: "Life of a VIP"Gotta start with the classic Anna Sorokin glasses.

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CREDIT: The Optic Shop

Original**Currently OOS**The original glasses used on set were the Celine Glasses number CL41426. Although they're currently out of stock, we've got a great dupe below - and they're only £13.

DOOViC Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses for Computer
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CREDIT: Amazon

DupeThe first of many examples that show you don't need to spend your whole payslip to look just like the forever-chic Anna. These glasses also double as blue light filter glasses, which are essential if you spend your days on the computer.

inventing anna episode 1 flower blazer and blue dress posing with friends in instagram post
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 1: "Life of a VIP"Our next outfit is our first glimpse into Anna's reach on Instagram - never have we seen so many selfies in our life.

Dolce & Gabbana Silk-Blend Floral Jacquard Jacket
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OriginalSourced from Dolce & Gabbana, this silk floral jacket is to die for. Check scrolling for our amazing dupe.

Vintage Floral Print Velvet Blazer in Multicolour
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CREDIT: ASOS Marketplace

DupeWam, bam, thank you, mam. What would we do without ASOS?

Dolce & Gabbana Silk-Blend Midi Dress
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OriginalContinuing with the Dolce & Gabbana trend for this outfit, Anna looks sultry in this midi dress.

Royal Blue Slinky Ruched Thin Strap Midi Dress - Vienna
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CREDIT: Femme Luxe

DupeApart from the black straps, can you even tell the difference? Oh, and you can get this dress for £11.04 with code: PARTY15, getting yourself a further 15% discount.

Turquoise gold drop earrings
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DupeTo complete the outfit, here are some fantastic recreations of Anna's turquoise earrings.

inventing anna episode 2 red dress on the yacht
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 2: "The Devil Wore Anna"Arguably the most iconic Inventing Anna look, we're here to tell you, you don't have to spend a million pounds to look, well, a million pounds.

Alexander McQueen Ruffled Hem Off-Shoulder Dress
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CREDIT: Farfetch

Original**Currently OOS**Never fear, although the exact dress that Julia Garner wore (a classic Alexander McQueen number) is out of stock, we've got some good news for you. Keep scrolling...

Off The Shoulder Wrap Detail Bodycon Dress
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CREDIT: Boohoo

DupeRock the red dress with this dupe from Boohoo, with the same folded off-the-shoulder moment.

Dior Women's Square Sunglasses, 65mm
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CREDIT: Bloomingdales

OriginalIf you're looking for the real deal, Anna's exact glasses are Dior. Grab them here for £380, or...

Florence Sunglasses in Pink
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CREDIT: Club L London

Dupe...grab these similar shades from Club L London for only £15.

Medium Dior Book Tote
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OriginalCan't go wrong with a Dior bag. She is the moment.

Flora Large Icon Bag
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CREDIT: Ted baker

DupeBut if you're still wanting to pay rent (sadly relatable) this recreation from Ted Baker is just as chic.

Luxury 100% Silk Scarf in Tea Pink
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DupeComplete the outfit with this 100 per cent silk head shawl.

inventing anna episode 2 inside the yacht wearing a kaftan
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 2: "The Devil Wore Anna"Can we bring kaftans back into fashion, please? Anna, lead the way.

ETRO Belted printed silk-chiffon kaftan
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CREDIT: The outnet

Original**Currently OOS**We're sensing a pattern here. A lot of the original items worn by the cast are no longer in stock, but maybe it's destiny. Maybe the universe is telling us not to spend our whole bank account. We've got the solution below.

Jacquard-weave kaftan
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CREDIT: ebay

DupeAn equally cute option from H&M, this kaftan is posher than Mrs Victoria Beckham.

Cream Floral Lace Kaftan
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CREDIT: river island


Tie Waist Printed Beach Kaftan
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CREDIT: debenhams

Blue Sea Glass Dangle Earrings
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DupeTo top it off, don these adorable sea glass dangle earrings.

inventing anna episode 2 ibiza phone call scene where anna is wearing scarf print and a blue headscarf
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 2: "The Devil Wore Anna""GET THE F*CK OFF THE BOAT" ud83dudcdeud83dude2c

Scarf Print Silk Wrap Top
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CREDIT: Nordstrom

Original**Currently OOS**Scarf print is hella the noughties, and we're living for it. Keep scrolling for a dupe worthy of the yacht life.

Blue Paisley Scarf Print Halter Midi Dress
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CREDIT: Wallis

DupeAlthough Anna's original outfit is a top and shorts, why not combine them into a dress? (genius behaviour.)

HatToSocks Chiffon Scarf Sheer Wrap for Women
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CREDIT: Amazon

DupePut on a chiffon headscarf, and never worry about the wind frizzing up your hair ever again.

Dots Turquoise Gold Vermeil Huggie Earrings
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CREDIT: Galleria armadoro

DupeAn uncanny recreation of Anna's original earrings, these are stunning.

inventing anna montage scene in hotel stepping out of elevator in zigzag cape
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 5: "Check Out Time"Although we only see this outfit in a glimpse of a montage scene, we're totally obsessed and needed to recreate it immediately.

Alexander McQueen Zig-Zag Flared Cape
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CREDIT: Cettire

Original**Currently OOS**Alexander McQueen comes in clutch again with this zig-zag ditty. We've got a worthy dupe below.

Mono Zig Zag Poncho
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CREDIT: Never fully dressed

DupeOk, so this may be a poncho and not a cape but... is there really a difference style-wise? (The fashion police are knocking at our office door right now, help us.)

Garden Glory
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CREDIT: Made in design

DupeWho knew garden gloves could look so stylish? Shocked.

Women's Patent PU Leather Golden Long Gloves
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CREDIT: Grandado

DupeHowever, if you're looking for something a bit less bulky, these PU leather gold gloves are perf. They come in a ton of different styles, but we suggest the short style to match the look from the show.

inventing anna scene in shop where anna is wearing a black dress and dripping sunglasses
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 5: "Check Out Time"Shoulder-pad realness. Not sure the world is emotionally ready for the return of shoulder pads, Anna.

Versace Scarf Sleeve Dress
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CREDIT: Farfetch

Original**Currently OOS**Remember to always check back here as we'll update the article when items are back in stock. In the meantime, we've got a solid dupe at the fraction of the price.

Chain Scarf Print Long Sleeve Ruched Bodycon Dress
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CREDIT: Ivrose

DupeSlightly different design-wise, but still bringing you that scarf-print-realness that Anna's character loves.

Fashion Tears Flame Sunglasses
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CREDIT: Amazon

OriginalYes, you read that right. These are the original glasses used in the show, and they are gasp affordable. Get in our basket right now.

inventing anna morocco episode wearing a long striped maxi dress
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 6: "Friends in Low Places"We've never needed a dress more. Makes us think of holidays abroad, sun tans, and not worrying about bringing your drying clothes in from the rain.

Derek Lam Long Dress
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OriginalYou can get the original dress worn here from Yoox, but it is only shipped from the US, so expect an international delivery fee if you're outside America.

Gilli Halter Neck Maxi Dress in Stripe
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DupeOr save yourself the hassle and grab this dupe from ASOS, which is currently on sale with 71% off ud83dude0d.

Blue Island Pink Stripe Maxi Dress
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DupeOoooor this equally-as-beautiful summer dress from good old TK Maxx.

inventing anna flashback scene of young anna at school in pink tweed dress
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CREDIT: Netflix

Episode 8: "Too Rich for Her Blood"The final outfit we are going to recreate is from the final episode of the series, where we get a glimpse of Anna's origins. We fell in love with this tweed dress from Anna's school days, and had to recreate it.

MAJE Cotton-blend tweed mini dress
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CREDIT: The outnet

OriginalPurchase the original dress used in the show and rock the look. Or, keep scrolling for a slightly cheaper dupe, and save yourself a bit of dough if you fancy.

Abra Pink Vintage Mini Dress
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CREDIT: Jingus

DupeFor some reason, searching for an affordable tweed dress on the internet is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, Jingus came through ud83dude4c.

And that's our list done. Now, go out and live your best Inventing Anna lives in these fancy outfits. Just please... don't commit any crimes. We're not liable for that 😬.

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