MyProtein now sell protein squash and listen, it’s a game-changer

Flavours include Peach Tea and Rainbow Candy😛

MyProtein squash

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Has anyone else found Lockdown 2.0 a lot harder this time around? A horrid mix of dark afternoons, gym closures and feeling like this will never end has left us an emotional wreck.

But, finally! It's over! Despite being in Tiers (and tears!), we are feeling optimistic. We are planning new routines, possibilities and perspective, huns.

Essentially we are filling in our gratitude journals, choosing our winter coats and making an effort to go to the gym.

Our favourite post-gym snack is often a protein shake, which can help with muscle repair and ultimately help aid #gains. Yep, in 2020 we want to be strong pls.

We don't know about you, but sometimes the ol' chocolate/vanilla/strawberry milkshake type protein shake can get a bit same-y after a while.

So the clever lot at MyProtein have launched a 'Clear Whey Isolate'which is fancy talk for PROTEIN SQUASH.

In true investigative journalism we tried the magical protein squash (we went for the Orange and Mango flavour) and can confirm it is a game-changer.

MyProtein squash

You simply fill up a protein shaker with cold water, add a scoop of the Clear Whey Isolate and then mix. Add ice and a (reusable!) straw and you essentially have a party.

MyProtein squash

Our only annoyance is that the protein powder is ultra fine and can go everywhere if you don't have a steady hand. But it tastes great and packs 20 grams of protein in for just 83 calories.

Flavours include Peach Tea, Orange and Mango and Rainbow Candy.

One chuffed customer wrote, "If you are bored drinking milky shakes then 100% switch to Clear Whey! I got the Orange & Mango flavour which tastes incredible and is much more refreshing after a workout. It also mixes a lot better than normal Whey Protein."

Another wrote: "This stuff is awesome! Used it today for the first time after my workout! So much more refreshing than regular whey protein. I selected the peach tea flavour. It’s very good! I can’t wait to try the other flavours!"


Flavours include Orange and Mango, Peach Tea, Rainbow Candy, Grape, Bitter Lemon and Cherry Blossom

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