TikTok make-up guru Abby Roberts announces unexpected new venture

We never saw the social media superstar’s latest move coming

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She's one of the UK's most followed TikTok stars but Abby Roberts has now revealed a huge new career move.

Abby is well known on TikTok and she often goes viral for her incredible make-up transformations.

And although she's brought out merch for her fans, even collaborated with Tatti Lashes and launched her own collection with the eyelash brand, she's now decided to move into the music industry.

On New Year's Day, Abby opened up about writing her first song and admitted on TikTok that it's been "helping me cope".

"I've been struggling with my mental health for a little while. I wrote this song when I was in a dark place a few months ago.

"So I thought I'd share it with you because I've not been feeling too great today," she explained.

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Fast forward a week and it's now come to light that Abby has already been performing.

You go gal.

One TikTok user shared a video of "a girl" singing on stage and in the clip she wrote, "I'm just at my local pub and this girl on stage really looks like Abby Roberts??"

It didn't take long for the video to go viral and catch the attention of Abby herself who confirmed it was her singing on stage.

"I didn't think anyone would recognise me help 😭," she wrote on TikTok.

She then confirmed to her 17.4 million TikTok followers that the rumours are true - not only does she sing but she's even got her own song coming out very soon.

Opening up about her debut song Paramania, Abby admitted, "I wrote it when I was having an existential crisis (so basically every week lol).

"It's coming out this Thursday 13 at midnight! I hope my rambling can make you feel less alone if you're struggling to love yourself."

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Hundreds of Abby's followers rushed to comment with one person writing, "This song gives me Paramore mixed with Lana Del Rey vibes I love it!!"

Someone else commented, "The best way to start this year, love you so bad I'm so proud of you."

Another person wrote, "I have been waiting for soooo long for his and it's worth my patience."

And while one person asked, "Why are TikTokers dropping music out of nowhere", Abby hit back and joked, "Vibes init".

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