Here’s what Rachel’s baby in Friends looks like now. We feel OLD.

Emma and Ben from Friends are all grown up, and we can't take the nostalgia

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And today in news that will make you feel positively ancient, you won't recognise what these BABIES from Friends look like now...17 years later.

First up, we have Rachel and Ross's baby Emma, known IRL as twin actresses Cali and Noelle Sheldon. Pictures of the pair first started circulating online back in 2015, when the girls were 13.

After the initial snap, which was discovered on Reddit, went viral, the girls' manager confirmed that the actresses did indeed play Emma and, well, the internet's mind was blown. In case you were wondering, they have since appeared in 2006 film_Novel Romance_ and a 2012 short film, Agorable.

The photo of the actresses broke the internet (well, not quite to Kimmy K extents) but do you know what Cali and Noelle look like now in 2021? cue baby Emma's INSTAGRAM.

Yep, that's right, 'Emma' would be 18 now (she was born on 4 April 2002, FYI) and the girls that played her are fully-fledged-Instagram-using adults.

...How old does that make us?

After snaps of Cali and Noelle went viral in 2016, this then started a spate of "Where are they now" questions, with various sites pondering the whereabouts of some of the other kids from Friends.

One that was pretty easy to track down was the actor who played Ben as a kid and drum roll it's Cole Sprouse AKA Jughead Jones from Riverdale.

Cole is 28 now (WHAT) and has a 33.8 million followers on Instagram - he's a bona fide fitty and you should follow him @colesprouse.

Before his big shot role in Netflix's Riverdale, he starred with his twin brother Dylan (a lot of twins in child showbiz, apparently), in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

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Then, after Rachel's and Ross' babies, there were Phoebe's triplets.

While Dante Pastula and Sierra Marcoux (who played Frank Jr Jr and Chandler) no longer act, the girl who played Leslie Buffay is still acting, and her name is Allisyn Snyder. She appeared in tween Disney shows Sonny With A Chance and So Random, and she's now 24 years old.

And what about the babies that played twins Erica and Jack, adopted by Chandler and Monica? IMDB gives us NOTHING, but we're sure it's only a matter of time before some internet detectives track 'em down.

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