Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi speaks out amid ‘harmful’ Rachel Finni feud

Brad McClelland, Aaron Francis, Tyler Cruickshank and Jake Cornish all laughed when calling her a bombshell

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Love Island 2021 star Rachel Finni, who famously strutted into the villa as a bombshell, has hit out at her former co-stars Brad McClelland, Aaron Francis, Tyler Cruickshank and Jake Cornish after they ''spoke on her name" during a recent Instagram Live.

The boys were all hosting an Instagram Live where they were speaking about bombshells and they all laughed when Rachel's name was brought up.

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Brad even read out a comment that read, "Ha, Rachel, yet again, not a bombshell."

Rachel took to her Instagram stories to hit out at "actual nobodies mimicking me and discussing me publicly like a joke. I am fully over it now and regret going on the show."

She continued, "How do these actual idiots think it's okay to publicly humiliate me and discuss me like that? And not just today, multiple times. TODAY a year later and I'm still being bullied/taunted openly for all to see."

Rachel's co-star Kaz Kamwi jumped to her defence, sharing a picture of Rachel onto her story and saying, "I generally don't get involved in much BUT I really wish people would honestly take a step back and think about how harmful their words & actions are and can be.

"We all know what public humiliation feels like so why are you going out of your way to embarrass and put someone else down?

"@brad_mcclell @jakecornish7 @tylercruickshank_ @aaronfranciis Every single one of your owe rachel an apology. Publicly & Privately. What a bunch of clowns. So unprovoked & FOR WHYYYY? Kmt.

"You stay true to you @rachel.finni you deserve way more respect than this. You Queen. Love you & so do so many others. A bombshell in our eyes."

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kaz publicly defended rachel ©@Instagram

Shannon Singh also showed support, saying, "Rachel didn't deserve that at all. I love her so much. She's a beautiful soul and obviously gorgeous. love you, @ rachel.finni."

Sharon Gaffka, who was present on the Instagram Live, tweeted, "I was apart of the live but not present when this was happening.

"So please exclude me from this."

She later shared a statement that said that she left the live before the comments were made, "I turned my phone off yesterday because the response I’ve received was not targeted at me, but towards my family.

"I hope that can be understood and I’m sorry for Rachel who has clearly had her feelings hurt in a public setting."

Sharon also said she had unfollowed those involved in the incident. Jake, Brad and Aaron have all turned off their Instagram comments and they are all yet to address what happened or apologise publicly.

You may remember that Rachel forced to choose between Brad and Chuggs Wallis after they were left single following a recoupling. She had just 24 hours getting to know them before choosing Brad to couple up with.

However, things soon turned sour between them just one night after they were seen smooching in bed, with Rachel in tears over his lack of interest.

During her exit interview, Rachel expressed her regret over her decision and revealed that she wished she had chosen Chuggs after realising Brad wasn’t who she thought he was.

She said at the time, “Knowing what I know now. You have to graft to stay in there. I was stupid enough to fall for Brad’s graft, because it wasn’t genuine. The day after we coupled, he told me to get to know other people. He wasn’t interested.”

Rachel Finni SLAMS Love Island bosses

This isn't the first time Rachel has spoken out about her negative experience on the show. She made some hefty accusations about Love Island in a YouTube interview with Murad Merali.

She told Murad that she was "told by people at ITV" that she was brought in due to "lack of diversity." She went on the accuse the bosses of not giving her a story, saying they only "cared about ticking boxes."

She said, "I don't want to seem like I'm bitter, but when you go for these interviews with ITV they ask you for months what your type is.

"I was in cast holding for a month because of Covid, and every day they asked me who my top three were, but then I had to pick between (Chuggs and Brad).

"I'd been there a month, but the people who were interested in them got flown in two weeks before. They knew what they were doing."

She then added, "I got told by people who work for ITV that I got put in at that time because there was so much backlash on the outside for lack of diversity.

"They knew what my type is, they knew what Brad and Chugg's type is, but they put me in at that time because they thought, 'This is going to shut people up'.

"I was the first black bombshell but they didn't give a story, they were just ticking boxes. They only care about ticking boxes.

"The show is controlled, every aspect of it is controlled. Everything is set up, it's all set up."

These are some weighty accusations, especially given the recent news that Love Island will be returning on 6 June. It also speaks to the need for the Love Island bosses to prioritise measures that relate to diversity when casting the new series, which they seem to be doing with the amendments made to the application process - only time will tell how successful this has been, however.

Rachel also accused other Islanders of bullying her. She said, ""One of the girls had been awful to me, so in the challenge I was the only one wearing sunglasses because I'd been crying,"

ITV responded to Rachel's claims, with a spokesperson telling The Sun, "ITV has a commitment towards accelerating change in terms of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic representation across both its workforce and its on screen talent and contributors, as part of its Diversity Acceleration Plan.

"Diversity and inclusivity are key priorities for us as a broadcaster and we are always looking to improve representation on screen and behind the scenes.

"We would take any suggestion that any editorial decisions are made based on race very seriously indeed and would refute this in the strongest possible terms.”

Rachel Finni's career change

After starring on the show, Rachel opened up about how having a career influencing after Love Island is much harder than it seems and social media work isn't all it's cracked up to be as #sponcon doesn't always pay.

When asked by fans on TikTok, “What job would you like to have in the future?”, she informed her followers that she has had a bit of career change since leaving the villa.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I’ve actually gone back to working in hospitality which I’m really enjoying so far," she said.

“My end goal is to focus as much as I can on my career, keep doing influencing on the side and hopefully one day be a housewife with my babies.”

Not with Brad or Chuggs' though, obviously…

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Shannon Singh

Despite being one of the most talked about potential contestants ever, former glamour model Shannon was brutually dumped from the villa after just three days when she was left single by late arrival Chloe Burrows choosing to couple up with Aaron Francis. It was the quickest dumping in Love Island history with most dumpings occurring at least a week after the Islanders have all settled in.

Explaining further, Rachel admitted, “Whilst I make a good amount from influencing, I’m going to be completely honest, it’s not enough for me to live my life off.

“In the very beginning when I came out I did have a lot more opportunities than I do now but also with applying for a mortgage, I haven’t been doing it long enough or earning enough just to solely survive off it.”

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And Rachel isn’t the only 2021 star who’s ditched fame and returned to her day job as Georgia Townend revealed last year that she’s gone back to being a marketing executive for Lidl.

Explaining a bit about her role, Georgia said, “My degree was in food and nutrition so that is my passion project, that’s always been my area of expertise. During my degree, I did a placement year and I worked in food manufacturing, which I really enjoyed, but I knew when I graduated, I wanted to move retail side because for me, the joy comes out of bringing end products to customers.

“I joined Lidl on the graduate scheme about six years ago. Obviously, I’m not on the graduate scheme anymore, I’m a fully-fledged employee and my role is in a marketing function.”

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