MiC’s Miles Nazaire’s type revealed – and she sounds ‘toxic’

He's on the new series of Celebs Go Dating

Miles Nazaire

by Marianna Manson |

The new series of Celebs Go Dating is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see some of the UK's favourite reality stars out in the wild, wining and dining us, The Willing Public.

And ahead of the series launch early next year, Miles Nazaire – best known as Made in Chelsea’s most prolific romancer – has opened up about his “type” and she certainly sounds familiar.

“I’ve got a type: petite brunettes, blue eyes and tanned skin,” he said. “If you are that slide right in!”


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Fans didn’t miss a beat and took to the comments to point out the description sounds just like his Made in Chelsea co star and ex-girlfriend, Maeva D’Ascanio.

“I mean . . . that's Maeva!” said one. “But we know what you mean! Good luck - as if you need it! You've definitely been tickled with the good looking stick! 😂”

“Lool.....and no one knows you're exactly describing Maeva 😉😉”, said another, while one more wrote, “There is only 1 Maeva 💗@maevadascanio no one can replace her 🤷🏻‍♀️x”.

Some pointed out that his other Chelsea love interest, Ruby Adler, has brown eyes, while one commenter pointed out, “All the people saying that sound like his ex, well isn't that how having a type kinda works? 😂.”

Made in Chelsea is currently coming to the end of its 22nd series and Miles and his various conquests have been, unsurprisingly, at the centre of most of the drama.

Last series saw Miles swipe model scout Ruby out from under the nose of her boyfriend of ten years, Reza Amiri-Garroussi, before swiftly losing interest and turning his attentions back to ex-girlfriend-he-still-has-crazy-chemistry-with Maeva.

Of course, this latest pivot wasn’t without its own controversy as Maeva was involved in her own on-off relationship with James Taylor – formerly Miles’ best mate – and declared that the only way to “hurt James [was] to sleep with Miles.”

Seems legit.

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The OG tragic split, even featuring an IRL (well, scripted reality) leaving at the airport scene. Spencer and Caggie weren't officially a couple, with Spencer dating model Funda Önal, but the chemistry between them was undeniable and for a long time Spenny thought of her as the love of his life. Eventually, feeling played by Spencer stringing her along while refusing to dump Funda (we don't blame her, tbh) Caggie left to pursue a "music career" in New York, and Spencer, realising the error of his ways, rushed to catch her at the airport to win her back. He missed her. Talk about dramatic.

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Fans took to Twitter in their droves to express their distaste for Maeva's plan, with one writing, “No Maeva is actively unbalanced! James kisses another girl, so she’s off to shag Miles?!?!?!? #madeinchelsea”.

“James really needs to throw Maeva in the bin. He really doesn't deserve this. Maeva is playing some emotionally abusive toxic games with James,” said another, with one more writing, “These two are not happy with each other. From what has been shown, it is a very toxic relationship.”

Anyway, Miles is set to terrorise members of the public on the upcoming series and said of joining the agency, “I’m nervous but excited. I’m going to really enjoy the experience, as I’ve never had anyone have control of my dating. I’m excited to see what happens when someone else decides who I date.”

Speaking of the show’s return to its regular format, Sarah Tyekiff, Lime Pictures’ Head of Unscripted Programming, said, “It’s been a long time coming for our celebs to get back out in the real-world and date potential suitors. We can’t wait to see how their dating skills cope now they are outside the confines of their own homes and back out on the town. This brand-new series is going to be the biggest test yet as we set out to ramp up the dates creating more challenges and compatibility tests, putting our celebrities through their paces as they get closer to finding love.”

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