Made in Chelsea’s Ruby Adler: is she still with Reza Amiri-Garroussi after the season finale?

The on/off pair didn't finish the series in the best way

Ruby Adler

by Lucy Smith |

It's fair to say that Made in Chelsea star Ruby Adler has earned her stripes as one of Chelsea's hottest socialites after countless seasons spent on the sidelines with her boyfriend Reza Amiri-Garrousi.

The couple were together for 10 years and had been plodding along in the background of the show for many seasons, with Reza regularly cropping up to be a voice of sage wisdom for the likes of Sam Thompson and the other less switched on lads.

After their messy split in series 21 - in no small part helped along by SW3's resident heartbreaker Miles Nazaire – Ruby and Rez were back on and all loved-up for series 23.

Well, they were doing fine until the very end of the series. You were doing so well, guys.

At the end of the latest season they had a HUGE argument about Ruby following an unidentified footballer on Instagram after a night out with her friends.

They had a massive row about it in a coffee shop and it led to Ruby breaking up with Rez for about 24 hours.

The incident left fans on two sides of the fence over Ruby's behaviour, with many saying that Rez still doesn't trust Ruby after the Miles shenanigans.

One fan tweeted, "I’m sorry is Reza about to kick off because Rugby followed a footballer on Insta? (Obviously there’s gonna be more to it but still) #MadeInChelsea".

Another wrote, "Rez has lost the f--king plot? ‘I thought you’d unfollow him so I screenshotted you following him’ can anyone say TOXIC? These two should NOT be together #MadeInChelsea".

One more added, "Who knew following on Instagram would define relationships 🤷‍♀️. Rez and Ruby don’t work #MadeInChelsea."

But are they still together?

Yes, they seem to be, as they have been seen on the cast trip away to Mallorca together and are staying in the same villa. Plus, they still follow each other on Instagram, so we're pretty sure that's enough evidence.

Who is Ruby Adler?

Ruby is an influencer, model and reality star with 118k followers on Instagram. She’s worked as a talent scout for MAJOR global modelling agency Storm Models and regularly posts videos of her swanky work life, from office #bantz to BTS at fashion weeks all over the world.

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When did Ruby Adler join Made in Chelsea?

Ruby has been a peripheral member of the cast for a while, popping up alongside her boyfriend Reza on double dates with Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott, and she’s good friends with Sophie too.

In 2021, her relationship with Reza became one of the main storylines of series 21 and 22.

How old is Ruby Adler?

Ruby's birthday in 26 May 1995 which means she's 27. The reality star celebrated her birthday on a gorgeous beach which she presumably travelled to the minute travel restrictions lifted. Jealous? Us? Never.

Are Ruby Adler and Reza Amiri-Garroussi still dating?

They sure are. While their relationship had A LOT of ups and downs in the last two series of the show, fans were shocked when it was revealed the pair had reconciled in the time between series 22 and 23.

We really didn't see this plot twist coming, but we are here for it.

What happened with Ruby Adler and Reza Amiri-Garroussi?

In an episode on MIC, Ruby opened up about their reunion and said, "I'm actually so happy, I feel like we've turned a new leaf. I've made the decision that I love him and I want this to work - I wouldn't be in this situation if I didn't - and I feel happy.

"I definitely feel like I had my time where I was single and we've had a break from each other. And I think the grass isn't always greener."

Things weren't always smooth sailing for the couple, however. After weeks of trials and tribulations in 2021, Ruby and Reza called time on their decade-long relationship in emotional scenes.

Coming face-to-face with Reza Ruby told him, "I can’t help but feel like I’m stuck in this rut. What was such a happy, fun relationship has become a weight and there’s no fun anymore. We’ve had so many problems for so long and I don’t want to live my life like that anymore."

Ruby Reza split Made in Chelsea
ruby crying on made in chelsea ©E4

Although Reza told her, "I love you very much, you know that... More than anything on this earth and I want to make this work. I want to make it right. I’ll do whatever I need to do. I want to marry you."

However Ruby admitted she didn't want to carry on their relationship and told Reza, "It just isn’t right. You must know that. I’ve given this such a good go; I’ve tried so hard to make this work. This doesn’t work. I don’t think I want to be with you anymore."

However it seems that the couple have been able to make things work.

How long had Ruby Adler and Reza Garroussi been together?

If you’ve been watching the series you’ll know that Rez and Ruby have been together since they were teenagers and recently marked their 10 year anniversary before splitting in 2021.

Ruby Adler Reza Garroussi Made in Chelsea
In happier times... ©E4

What happened between Ruby Adler and Miles Nazaire?

When Ruby and Rez became full time cast members, Ruby’s ongoing bone she’d been picking with him was that he never posted her on his social media.

Scheming Miles Nazaire stirred the pot by suggesting Rez was “ashamed” of her, leading to Rez defending himself by saying he’d struggled to trust Ruby after she was unfaithful much earlier in their relationship.

Speaking exclusively to heatworld back in April about their relationship, Miles said, "At that time in the episode, I wasn't really aware of what was going on. Obviously, you know, people were talking to me a bit about their issues but, in the house, they were having a lot of arguments.

"We could hear their arguments."

Ruby and Reza's drama continued when it came to light that he'd been messaging Verity Bowditch behind her back. Although Reza insisted the messages were purely innocent and that he was just friends with Verity, Ruby wasn't happy.

The couple finally ended their relationship in the penultimate episode of series 2021 of Made in Chelsea.

Did Ruby Adler break up with Reza because of Miles?

Made in Chelsea viewers will know that Reza wasn't happy about Ruby's relationship with Miles before she ended their relationship. Although Ruby and Miles were adamant they were nothing more than friends, others weren't so sure and insisted there was a romantic connection between them.

In the final episode of Made in Chelsea series 21, Ruby told Maeva D'Ascanio that Miles had nothing to do with her break-up with Reza. She says, "My break-up of however many years with the man I love so much has nothing to do with Miles, he’s been a good friend.”

Does Ruby Adler have Instagram?

You can follower on @rubyadler.

Does Ruby Adler have Twitter?

Yep, she’s @ruby_adler, although she hasn’t used it since 2015.

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