EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Big Brother star hints at return for All Stars

He won Celebrity Big Brother in 2010 beating faves Dane Bowers and Vinnie Jones

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Here at heatworld, there are a few words we're fully aware we overuse. So much so, in fact, that when we really need to use them they don't quite pack the punch. These words include, 'queen', 'slay', 'shade', 'iconic', 'obsessed', 'ick' and 'ew'.

This time we're referring to the word 'iconic' to really emphasis just how groundbreaking and game-changing Celebrity Big Brother has been for reality telly, but also British pop culture over the last two and a bit decades. 'Iconic' really is the word here and because we use it to describe things like a 'glowy' moisturiser adored by Molly Smith it just doesn't do the show justice.

The cast of Celebrity Big Brother 2024
The cast of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 ©ITV Pictures

CBB is so iconic that we knew ITV producers had their work cut-out for them to ensure that the 2024 reboot would live up to the likes of "David's dead" and "I'm claustrophobic Darren".

It's safe to say they slayed (damn) from the second they reunited Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on live television. Tea will never be spilled quite the same again.

Sharon and Louis on CBB
Sharon and Louis on CBB ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Of course, now we've had that we want even more. ITV, allow us to give you some food for thought – All Stars.

Just imagine it; a series made up of former CBB winners like Chantelle Houghton, Shilpa Shetty, Ulrika Johnson, Alex Reid, Denise Welch, Rylan Clark, Charlotte Crosby, Katie Price, Scotty-T, Ryan Thomas and latest winner David Potts. Not all of the former winners for obvious reasons, but a mix of those would be, err, iconic. Damn.

Note to self: shelve the word 'iconic' until CBB: All Stars is officially announced.

And we already know one CBB winner who would sign on the dotted line today and that's Katie Price's ex, Alex Reid.

Alex Reid poses for photographs after winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2010
Alex Reid poses for photographs after winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2010 ©Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Yep, while speaking to Sky Bingo, Alex revealed he would "definitely go back in" for CBB: All Stars should ITV ever decide to do the right thing.

He revealed, "They did that straight after my show 14 years ago now. It’s good for publicity but more than anything it’s a great experience and it’s actually really enjoyable.

"I weirdly found it one of the most peaceful places in the world because my life was chaos at the time. I was literally in every single paper all the time and wherever I went, people were snapping cameras or trying to sell stories. It wasn't nice, I didn’t like it and I wasn't used to it. There were so many salacious headlines and sensational stories."

Alex is game for CBB: All Stars
Alex is game for CBB: All Stars ©Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Alex continued, "[In the house] all I had was communion with wonderful, interesting people. Obviously, there's lots of cameras all over the place but after a while you kind of forget about that. Although, I was a lot fitter and sexier back then so if I did it again I would definitely go on a diet and go to the gym intensely for a month beforehand. They were always trying to get me naked.”

They really were.

Alex's ex Katie Price won the show five years later
Alex's ex Katie Price won the show five years later ©Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

Chuck Katie Price in with him and you've got yourself an All Stars – actually chuck all her exes in and, WOAH, iconic. We're just leaning into it now.

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