Big Brother: Chanelle Bowen opens up about Jordan’s relationship with ‘genuine’ Henry

'I think if he was playing on someone else's emotions that is unkind'

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After weeks of convincing his housemates, Big Brother viewers, and well, himself, that they are just friends, Jordan Sangha has thrown literally all of us (especially Olivia Young) by suddenly training in 'necking on with Henry Southan' like it's a new, steamy Olympic sport – and just a week before the final.

If you're anything like us then you spent the majority of last night screaming joyfully at the telly and clicking your fingers as Jordan and Henry swapped saliva in multiple venues throughout the Big Brother house – very reminiscent of the parent-free house parties of our youth/us today when our own housemates are out.

As excited as we are for this blossoming romance, we wouldn't be doing our jobs as uber Big Brother fans/heat journos if we didn't indulge the ten percent of our brain that's going, 'Why now, Jordan?'

Then, of course, there's what Jenkin Edwards said about the new relationship in today's episode teaser...

During tonight's Big Brother Academy task, when asked whether it is acceptable to be a game player on Big Brother, 'pupil' Jenkin tells 'faculty member' Jordan, "No, I think we're all here for the experience. If you're coming in with a preconceived notion to walking out of here with a specific amount of money, you're in the wrong thing and you will not build genuine connections with people, and you're just going to kiss them on the bed, willy nilly, and in the hot tub. And four times while I'm asleep."

OOFT, but it got got us thinking...

Luckily, these thoughts were swirling around our heads on the same day we were scheduled to catch up with recent evictee Chanelle Bowen – who lest we forget, kissed (well, pecked) Jordan first during that not-so-subtle Vinted themed party a few weeks back.

Chanelle talking to Noky
Chanelle was evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday night ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Both Chanelle and Jordan have made it clear time and time again that – despite being very different people – they understand one another and are friends, so what does Chanelle think of the sudden smooching epidemic? Is it genuine? Or is her bezzie Jenkin right, and is Jordan just using Henry as a meal ticket to the final?

Her answer worried us slightly, we're not going to lie (mainly because of the HUGE pause she took before answering).

Jordan and Henry have taken their relationship to the next level
Jordan and Henry have taken their relationship to the next level ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Chanelle told heatworld on Monday (13 November), "What I will say is I think Jordan is a great guy and I would just like to think he wouldn't play on someone else's emotions. I think if he was playing on someone else's emotions that is unkind, but I don't think he's an unkind person. So, I would hope to think it's not just for the cameras, because I think from Henry's side there is genuine feelings there. So, I hope he's not playing with fire because I do think Henry has feelings for Jordan."

Okay, so maybe we'll hold off buying a hat in any Black Friday sales just yet then.

Play this carefully, Jordan – because we really like this hat in our shopping basket.

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Ben Pulsford is a writer for heatworld and a London-based drag artist by the name of Beary Poppins. He is enjoying Big Brother so much he's starting to forget what life was like without it and, actually, he's fine with that. He would like to personally thank ITV for having the guts to unleash llamas on the house and introducing the world to Yinrun Huang.

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