Big Brother’s Henry on ‘dating’ winner Jordan and their first extravagant holiday together

'I’m excited to see where it goes and pick up from where we left off I guess'

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Aside from the fascination with one Boris Johnson, we love absolutely everything about Big Brother legends Henry Southan and Jordan Sangha and watching them on-screen together has been nothing short of a joy. Not only did one of them end up winning the bloomin' thing (congrats, Jordan), but they've left somewhat together (we've spoken to them both now, so we can say that, but we won't put any labels on it until they do) #Jenry.

Despite a fair few hurdles inside the house – including Matty Simpson, surprise evictions, Jordan's spiky days, and, well, Matty, really – these beauts evolved from instant bezzie mates to something a tad more (the kind of 'tad more' where you both consider necking on in the hot tub a shared interest) during their six weeks inside telly's most famous house.

heatworld sat down with both Henry and Jordan 48 hours after the Big Brother final and, of course, we were armed with an arsenal of personal questions about the future of their relationship, because we're sorry, Jordan, no one kisses their "platonic" friends like that in a hot tub. Okay, maybe once... twice. Moving on.

We're thrilled to confirm these boys now seem to be on the same page relationship-wise, with more or less every single one of their housemates wishing them nothing but love (oh, how we've needed this in November).

So what's next for our Big Brother lovebirds? Well, according to Henry, a lavish trip to Venice on Jordan's prize money and a few LEGO/wine dates are on the cards. Obsessed.

Jordan and Henry
Jordan and Henry ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Henry told heatworld, "Yeah, we have got quite a few plans, a few things lined up which will be really, really fun. I’m forcing him to take me to Venice with his prize money. One of our date ideas is drinking lots of wine and building LEGO. That was one that came up in the early hours. That will be quite interesting. But, no, I’m excited to see where it goes and pick up from where we left off I guess."

FYI, when we ran the Venice trip by Jordan he had no clue where that had come from – he thought they were going to New York together.

One thing's for sure, however, and that's, "I have said we can go to Claridges. I owe him that," says Jordan.

Jordan wins Big Brother
Jordan wins Big Brother ©Photo by James Veysey/Shutterstock

When we spoke to winner Jordan moments after Henry, we couldn't help but get his side of things – after all, he did use the word ' platonic' in the BB house more times that Henry dropped the name of a food dish we'd never heard of.

Speaking about how he sees the relationship progressing IRL, Jordan told heatworld, "I see it progressing very well. Henry said in the house that he has never felt about anyone the way he does about me, and likewise, I’ve never really felt about anyone the way I do about him.

"He’s such a genuine guy and I can tell he cares. Like, when I was in that 48-hour cell/purgatory – whatever – I opened my bag up because he packed my stuff and his necklace was in the bag and I just thought that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. He’s a darling and I miss him."

FYI, Jordan said that to us on Monday lunchtime and he had last seen Henry a day and half before...

BRB, off to buy a posh af hat in the Black Friday sales.

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