Big Brother winner Jordan reveals the ‘awkward’ moment he met Matty’s boyfriend and EEEK

Jordan, Henry and Matty were involved in a complicated love triangle on Big Brother

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It was one of the biggest storylines of the Big Brother reboot; the Jordan Sangha/Matty Simpson/Henry Southan love triangle might have been deeply confusing, but MY DAVINA, was it good telly.

For those behind on Big Brother 2023 (say what?), here's the love triangle explained in a nutshell, although forgive us if we get anything slightly wrong here as some of Jordan and Matty's boundary conversations left us feeling downright sea sick at times – THE BACK AND FORTH, THOUGH...

Jordan and Henry were inseparable from the moment they met, Henry then developed feelings for Jordan, Jordan then developed feelings for Matty (Matty wasn't interested), Jordan and Henry then grew closer physically (bedtime and hot tub make-outs galore) and now, it seems Jordan and Henry are pursuing their relationship IRL.

Big Brother Henry, Jordan, Matty
The Big Brother 'love triangle' was made up of Henry, Jordan and Matty ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

One of the big issues with all the Jordan/Matty complications was the fact that Matty was in an open relationship with his boyfriend, Connor, btw.

Phew. Feel caught up?

Naturally, we had to ask Jordan how things were with Matty now they were both out of the house and whether he spoke to Matty's boyfriend at the wrap party when we caught up with him after he won the show.

The Big Brother winner told heatworld, "I met Matty's boyfriend – awkward – but, no, they're delightful together. I'm so pleased Matty was evicted when he was evicted because I think, that day, he didn't want to be there anymore. It was a shock to all of us – letter from home, it's supposed to be sentimental moment – but yeah, he was evicted and I knew that was his time. But I think he's so much better now. He's loving life and I'm so glad he's been reunited with his boyfriend."

But how was he with you when you met him, Jordan?

Jordan told us, "He didn't slap me around the face. It was really chilled; he was very relaxed about it all. I was nervous about meeting him, I don't know why. But, no, he took it really well and it was really nice to speak to him."

Jordan and Matty Big Brother
Jordan and Matty ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Interestingly, a few days prior to our interview with Jordan, we caught up with Matty about the love triangle and he WENT IN, revealing that he doesn't think Jordan has romantic feelings for Henry (now that's awkward).

Matty revealed, "I think Jordan did like me throughout the process, and I think that Henry likes Jordan. When I put up my firm boundaries and said we can’t even be friend anymore, I think he put more of his attention to Henry. From day one they have been super close friends. But I also believe that Henry really likes Jordan in a romantic way. Jordan doesn’t like Henry in a romantic way, but enjoys kissing him when he’s had a glass of wine. Jordan’s been upfront and honest about that."

jordan henry big brother
Jordan and Henry share a kiss in the Big Brother bedroom ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Speaking of what his boyfriend thought of the love triangle, Matty told heatworld, "My boyfriend thought it was just funny. He could see what it was. I’m very sensitive and I’m such an over-thinker and I really care about other people’s feelings, at the detriment of myself, I’ve realised in this process.

"I was trying to appease [Jordan], but I wasn’t trying to appease myself. I think my boyfriend could see that I was stuck between two places. In the outside world it would’ve been easy to deal with – we would’ve just gone our separate ways. But because we were in the same friend group, I didn’t want to isolate myself from them and didn’t want him to be isolated from them. It was very complex. And then when I found out that Henry had feelings for Jordan, it just got messy."

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