Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Harriett Blackmore’s ‘secret’ friendship with unlikely Islander revealed

Love Island's Patsy has spoke out about the friendships in the villa

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We know, we know this series of Love Island has been top tier and while Joey Essex and Ronnie Vint might be your stand out Love Island 2024 stars, Harriett Blackmore is ours.

From her full-of-secrets hair and iconic one liners ("I feel like I'm getting the same boy but in different fonts), to taking Joey to the Hideaway to make Ronnie jealous.

Iconic behaviour if you ask us.

love island harriett
harriett is our fave islander this year ©ITV

And while she's giving Ekin-Su theatrics, it turns out she's actually really close to someone who is the complete opposite - Mimii Ngulube.

During an exclusive chat with heatworld, Patsy Field spoke out about how close they are in the villa - despite the fact we rarely ever see them together.

"[I was closest to] Mimii on day one and then we introduced Harriett into our little trio," Patsy explained.

love island patsy mimii harriett
patsy, mimii and harriett were all close ©ITV

"I was friends with all the girls in there but naturally I felt like me, Mimii and Harriett spent more time together and then Jess, Nicole and Samantha did but we would still come together."

Err, why aren't we seeing Harriett and Mimii's friendship in the villa?

We reckon they'd balance each other out which is probably why they're so close.

love island munveer
munveer has opened up to heat ©ITV

And it turns out that Munveer Jabbal was close to two Islanders we also rarely saw him with as well, although we barely saw Munveer on our screens at all.

"I was best friends with Ciaran and Nicole," he admitted.

love island nicole and ciaran
turns out, nicole and ciaran were close to munveer ©ITV

"I feel like they were the most genuine and authentic with me and just great people. Together they're just a bundle of joy."


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