EXCLUSIVE: what Love Island’s Jess Harding was BANNED from doing in the villa

Jess has been banned from doing something in the villa

love island jess harding

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Dumped Love Island stars truly are the gift that keep on giving and the 2023 Islanders are not different.

In the latest episode of heat dates, Leah Taylor and Montel McKenzie have spilled the tea on their time in the villa as well as what Jess Harding was banned from doing on the show.

We know, we know, the loveable Jess was BANNED from doing something.

We'd be shocked too but don't worry it wasn't by the producers - it was actually her fellow Islanders.

love island jess harding
jess was banned from doing something in the villa ©ITV

During our exclusive chat, Harriet Rose asked Leah and Montel if the Islanders played pranks on each other and that's when they opened up about Jess and why her co-stars stopped her from playing games.

"[We'd do] pranks 24/7 because there was nothing else to do," Montel admitted.

Leah explained, "We played Odds On a lot and you'd have to go and do a dare. We'd do that all the time...

"There was one [dare] where Mitch would have to click and Ty would have to beat box until Mitch clicked again.

"It was for the whole day and it'd be so funny."

love island leah and montel
leah and montel have spilled the tea ©ITV

She continued, "There was another one where Jess got an Odds On and someone said she had to go to the kitchen and eat five pieces of bread and she just wouldn't do it, would she? So she got banned from the all games.

"She'd play and then it would come to her to do the dare and she'd be like, 'No' and we'd be like, 'Jess you can't play anymore."

LOL but poor Jess.

love island girls in the beach hut
jess wasn't allowed to play the girls ©ITV

And it turns out that the Islanders have been playing this game for weeks.

"At first it was just the boys but then we were doing so many silly things in front of the girls that they realised and then I think they started playing it in Casa Amor," Montel explained.

"Yeah we played it with the Casa boys and they hated us by the end because we'd just do dares all the time," Leah joked.

Err, why don't we see this during the main episode of the show?

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