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They’re making serious $$$

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So, it seems that the whole world and their dog (literally, in some cases), have joined TikTok during lockdown and the Love Island lot are no exception.

In lieu of the usual nightclub PAs and events that normally pay their bills, which have of course been halted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Islanders are turning to the popular social media app to make money instead – and some of them are seriously raking it in.

Love Island 2020
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Check out the top 20 Love Island stars making the most money from TikTok…


Love Islanders TikTok earnings heat

Chris Hughes1 of 20

20) Chris Hughes

Estimated earnings per post: £225.19Followers: 274.9kNumber of posts during lockdown: 2Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £450.38

Paige Turley2 of 20

19) Paige Turley

Estimated earnings per post: £226Followers: 275.5kNumber of posts during lockdown: 4Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £904

Dani Dyer3 of 20

18) Dani Dyer

Estimated earnings per post: £246.25Followers: 302.9kNumber of posts during lockdown: 10Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £2,462.50

Demi Jones4 of 20

17) Demi Jones

Estimated earnings per post: £255.16Followers: 313.7kNumber of posts during lockdown: 18Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £4,592.88

Sophie Piper5 of 20
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

16) Sophie Piper

Estimated earnings per post: £274.60Followers: 336.3kNumber of posts during lockdown: 12Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £3,295.20

Shaughna Phillips6 of 20
CREDIT: Bauer Media

15) Shaughna Phillips

Estimated earnings per post: £287.56Followers: 350.5kNumber of posts during lockdown: 4Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £1,150.24

Curtis Pritchard7 of 20

14) Curtis Pritchard

Estimated earnings per post: £295.66Followers: 362.6kNumber of posts during lockdown: 5Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £1,478.30

Amy Hart8 of 20

13) Amy Hart

Estimated earnings per post: £310.25Followers: 380.7kNumber of posts during lockdown: 21Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £6,515.25

Joanna Chimonides9 of 20

12) Joanna Chimonides

Estimated earnings per post: £321.59Followers: 395.7kNumber of posts during lockdown: 89Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £28,621.51

Wes Nelson10 of 20

11) Wes Nelson

Estimated earnings per post: £334.55Followers: 411.2kNumber of posts during lockdown: 10Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £3,345.50

Montana Brown11 of 20

9) Montana Brown

Estimated earnings per post: £359.66Followers: 443.7kNumber of posts during lockdown: 50Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £17,983

Olivia and Alex Bowen12 of 20

9) Olivia and Alex Bowen

Estimated earnings per post: £398.54Followers: 489.7kNumber of posts during lockdown: 8Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £3,188.32

Luke Mabbott13 of 20

8) Luke Mabbott

Estimated earnings per post: £400.16Followers: 497.4kNumber of posts during lockdown: 44Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £17,607.04

Chris Taylor14 of 20

7) Chris Taylor

Estimated earnings per post: £424.46Followers: 522.9kNumber of posts during lockdown: 18Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £7,640.28

Maura Higgins15 of 20

6) Maura Higgins

Estimated earnings per post: £434.99Followers: 535.4kNumber of posts during lockdown: 10Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £4,349.90

Ovie Soko16 of 20

5) Ovie Soko

Estimated earnings per post: £486.83Followers: 600.8kNumber of posts during lockdown: 14Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £6,815.62

Kady McDermott17 of 20

4) Kady McDermott

Estimated earnings per post: £570.27Followers: 707.5kNumber of posts during lockdown: 75Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £42,770.25

Siu00e2nnise Fudge18 of 20
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

3) Siânnise Fudge

Estimated earnings per post: £702.30Followers: 896.8kNumber of posts during lockdown: 13Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £9,129.90

Amber Gill19 of 20

2) Amber Gill

Estimated earnings per post: £818.95Followers: 1mNumber of posts during lockdown: 20Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £16,379

Luke Trotman20 of 20
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

1) Luke Trotman

Estimated earnings per post: £878.89Followers: 1.1mNumber of posts during lockdown: 26Total estimated lockdown earning potential: £22,851.14

Luke Trotman may have finished second in the recent winter edition of Love Island but he takes the top spot when it comes to TikTok earnings as he’s believed to earn £900 per post.

When it comes to overall TikTok earnings during lockdown though, series two’s Kady McDermott has amassed an eye-watering estimated amount of £42,770 from the 75 posts she’s shared in recent weeks. WOWZA.

The findings were compiled by OnBuy who calculated the Islanders earning potential based on their estimated earnings per post, number of followers, total likes and number of posts since lockdown began.

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