Love Island fans ‘worried’ for one Islander and it makes total sense

Love Island fans have questions about one of the 2024 Islanders

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We’re not even a week into the new series of Love Island but this season is already giving.

Joey Essex randonly walking into the villa, Sam Taylor getting dumped in 48 hours and all the girls crying over the men has been wild.

And while we’re only a few days into Love Island 2024, fans are already worried about one Islander – Sean Stone.

love island sean
sean's barely had any screen time ©ITV

Can’t remember him? We’re not surprised.

He’s had about 30 seconds of airtime in the first few days and we’re not the only ones confused about his disappearance.

One person tweeted, “Sean??? We had a Sean in the villa???? Why am I just seeing his face guys??”

Someone else wrote, “I just heard someone say 'Sean' pls who’s Sean?? When was there a Sean?? 😭 #loveisland.”

love island nicole and sean
sean and nicole are coupled up ©ITV

A third joked, “The real question is was Sean silent or was he silenced 😭? #loveIsland.”

One more added, “Genuinely forgot Sean existed #loveIsland.”

Justice for Sean tbh.

Although another Islander who barely had any screen time but has managed to smash it career wise is Zara McDermott.

love island 2018 girls
zara alongside the love island 2018 girls ©Shutterstock

Her boyfriend Sam Thompson - who's a panellist on Aftersun - actually revealed that producers were worried for Zara shortly after her arrival back on Love Island 2018.

“So the executive [on Love Island] told me a story about Zara and apparently she went in as one of the bombshells and she didn’t speak a word for 12 hours.

“She went in and they know the time, I think it was 12:04 and she had gone in the evening before and didn’t speak,” he explained on the Staying Relevant podcast.

zara mcdermott sam thompson
sam and zara dated after her love island stint ©Getty Images: Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Zara then clarified, “No I did speak in the evening but the next morning - so they probably got us up at half eight, nine and - I didn’t say anything until 12:04pm.

“Apparently in the gallery the execs were like, ‘Why is she not talking?’”

Sam then added, “Apparently she had her feet dangling in the pool, while everyone else was having a chat, and she was just sat looking blankly in the water.”

love island zara and adam
zara sat alone in the pool on her first day ©Shutterstock

Zara admitted that she was “overwhelmed” and “confused” about the whole villa experience but luckily it all worked out.

She only lasted 10 days in the villa but she’s starred on Made in Chelsea, Strictly Come Dancing and has her own documentaries.

So who knows, maybe Sean (Sean Stone who has had about three seconds of airtime) will follow in her footsteps... Then again, maybe not.

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