Love Island exes ‘enjoying each other’s company’ as they jet off for SEVEN WEEK holiday

The Love Island 2023 couple split two months ago

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There is one particular Love Island relationship that would make for a stellar rom-com and we expect full credit from whichever streaming platform picks it up, btw.

We are, of course, talking about Love Island 2023 loves Molly Marsh and Zach Noble because EVERYTHING about their up and down romance screams noughties chick-flick. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, who?

Molly and zach
Molly and zach ©itv

Molly and Zach split two months ago but, at least as of late, it looked as though it was all back on after Zach ran the London Marathon and was met by a grinning and supportive Molly.

See? Rom-com energy.

According to reports, the former couple never really put a stop to the contact when they broke up.

"When they split, they were both so upset - they've got a really strong bond," a source told The Sun. "They never stopped talking in the weeks after the break up and have decided to give things another go."

Ooooo, secret meet ups and private chats would make a fabulous development in the movie/TV show when it's on Netflix, wouldn't it?

Molly and zach
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Now heatworld has the next chapter in this love story; Molly took to her Instagram this morning to confirm that she was jetting off on a seven-week trip, while Zach revealed a snap of him and Molly at the airport together.

Before Zach's post, we initially wondered if Molly might returning to Love Island or at least working with the show in some capacity this summer. However, Molly and Zach's reps have since confirmed exclusively to heatworld that the former couple have, in fact, made plans to travel around Australia together.

molly and zach love island 2023

The statement reads, "Molly and Zachariah have always remained friends, even when they both decided to break from their relationship almost 2 months ago. The couple have always supported each other and had similar interests, including seeing parts of the world and travelling.

"They are not putting pressure on their relationship at present, or labelling it, but are very excited to go travelling around Australia together for the next few weeks. They’re both really happy and enjoying each others company.”

That last line, though. Seriously. Netflix. Call. Us.

ICYMI, Molly and Zach met one fateful day during Love Island 2023; he was a basketball player and she was a theatre queen, but opposites attract in the world of dating shows.

kady and zach
kady stole zach from molly ©itv

In a dramatic turn of events the all-singing all-dancing blonde was booted out of the villa when a saucy brunette aka Kady McDermott came in and snatched the 6ft something fella from underneath Molly's nose.

But do not fear as during Casa Amor they were reunited and despite their villa mates and the viewers questioning what the hell these two even spoke about, Molly and Zach made it all the way to the final.

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