WAIT, have these ex Made in Chelsea stars reunited for a surprise spin-off?

Liv Bentley, Ollie Locke-Locke, Gareth Locke-Locke, Tabitha Gillett and Sophie Hermann just dropped a bombshell

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A Made in Chelsea spin-off with ex-Chelsea legends like Liv Bentley, Ollie Locke and Sophie Hermann? To quote noughties queen Hilary Erhard Duff, "THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF."

Made in Chelsea made its opulent debut on E4 way back in May 2011. It was only meant to be a fun little reality show filmed in the poshest areas of London to rival ITV's The Only Way is Essex, which debuted a few months prior; no one could've predicted the television beasts both shows would go on to become – both still going strong fourteen years on.

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The newest MIC cast members Β©Channel 4

With that being said, as much as we love a bit of MIC in 2024, it just doesn't quite hit the same sweet spot the OG seasons did. Again, no shade, we're loving us some Sam Vanderpump and Julia 'Muffin' Pollard, but they just can't hold a candle to the likes of Caggie Dunlop, Binky Felstead and Mark-Francis Vandelli who did their thing in the golden age of reality telly. We blame influencers, Instagram and TikTok – but we're old (and right).

Now we've set the scene and made it clear we're ageing millennials, you can appreciate our excitement when former Made in Chelsea stars Sophie Hermann and Ollie Locke shared a snap of them with Liv Bentley, Gareth Locke, and Tabitha Willett on their Instagram grid with the caption, "Watch this space πŸ‘€ @netflixuk."

Now, in our minds this means one of three things. One – and we have to admit, this one is less likely – Netflix has commissioned a MIC spin-off and is gathering former stars of the show Γ  la The Avengers; two, those early seasons of MIC will soon be available to watch at Netflix (as per House of Sims); or three, nothing is happening and this lot know we overreact to literally everything fancy causing a bit of a chaos.

It's not a lot to go on, but we can manifest like Gen Z, can't we? To be fair, Ollie and Gareth already left the show to film their own spin-off, so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility.

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