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He quit Made in Chelsea alongside hubby Gareth

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The name Ollie Locke has become as synonymous with Made in Chelsea as, erm...those camera filters and the King's Road. The spirited and loveable Ollie has been a part of the reality series since it launched way back in the summer of 2011 and he remained part of the furniture (well, on and off) until last summer.

That's right, in July 2023, Ollie and his husband Gareth Locke announced that they would be leaving telly's poshest reality series (for good this time) – which explains why they wasn't on the Corsica series.

As it's almost been a year since he left the show, here's everything you need to know about the reality star...

Who is Ollie Locke?

Ollie is a Made in Chelsea legend. He joined the series when it first started in 2011 and remained an on/off part of the cast up until 2023.

made in chelsea's ollie locke
ollie out and about in 2011 ©Getty Images: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

He's also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 2014, where he finished in third place behind Jim Davidson and Dappy, and Celebrity Hunted in 2022.

Ollie also co-founded the dating app Chappy in 2016 and it ended up merging into Bumble a few years later.

He's also an author having released an autobiography called Laid in Chelsea: My Life Uncovered in 2013, a children's novel called The Islands of Fandye and another children's book named The Faraway Adventures of Henry Bogget.

How old is Ollie Locke?

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Ollie Locke attends the Hello! Inspiration Awards at Corinthia London on October 4, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Ollie was born on 20 March 1987, which means he recently turned 37 years old. He was 23 when he signed his original contract for Made in Chelsea.

Where is Ollie Locke from?

Ollie actually hails from Southampton, although he now lives in Chelsea (obvs).

When did Ollie Locke join the cast of Made in Chelsea?

Ollie joined the original cast of Made in Chelsea back in 2011. The first episode aired on 9 May 2011 and also starred the likes of Binky Felstead, Caggie Dunlop, Francis Boulle, Hugo Taylor, Millie Mackintosh and Spencer Matthews.

made in chelsea cheska, ollie and gabriella
cheska, ollie and gabriella are MIC OGs ©Getty Images: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

When did Ollie leave Made in Chelsea?

Ollie left the series (for the first time) after five series in 2013. At the time, he told reporters, "I've quit the show. I have done five seasons, I've had three breakups, I've come out as bisexual... I've done all that and I've decided the party's over for me. But I'll never close the door fully."

The King's Road was never the same... At least for a couple of years. And then a couple of years again.

Ollie returned to the show in 2015. He then quit again in 2018 and returned in 2020, joking, "I’ve got to keep my mortgage payments up."

Ollie and Gareth Locke
Ollie and Gareth have sadly quit Made in Chelsea ©Channel 4

Ollie has filmed over 150 episodes of the hit E4 realty series, but in 2023, he announced that he would be leaving the series for good to focus on his new parenting series Our Daddy Diaries with his husband Gareth.

Who is Ollie Locke's husband?

Ollie is married to Gareth Locke. The couple got married in the Natural History museum in December 2020 in front of 13 guests – Binky Felstead and Olivia Bentley were bridesmaids.

Gareth is a television personality and businessman. He is a self-employed business and brand consultant. Prior to that he was a commercial director at luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper, which specialises in tweed clothing (of course).

ollie and gareth locke locke
gareth and ollie together in 2023 ©Getty Images: Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

What is Ollie Locke doing now?

After leaving MIC, the expectant fathers told The Sun, that they decided to leave MIC to focus on their new YouTube series Our Daddy Diaries.

Gareth explained, "Made in Chelsea is about young people making up and breaking up. We're very much the dads of it all."

Ollie added, "It came the time for something new and for us to have something we have control over. We're part of the production of our new show and we'll get to share absolutely everything with our fans. With the kids coming along it's a completely different path we're taking. We've outgrown Chelsea in that respect."

They have since teased a Made in Chelsea spin-off show alongside some of the OG cast.

Do Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke have twins?

They sure do. Their difficult surrogacy journey played out on Made in Chelsea but in early March 2023, Ollie and Gareth posted a joint post of an ultrasound video.

They captioned the post, "Well.. we already know that one baby is a bit shy and loves hiding from scans… but this one we already know is going to be trouble.. wanting to entertain the world, god know where that monkey gets it from!! #twins13weekspregnant #surrogacyjourney Xx."

In July 2023 they welcomed their adorable twins Apollo and Cosima.

Are Ollie Locke and Gabriella Ellis still in touch?

Old school fans of the series will remember that Ollie and fellow OG Gabriella Ellis (now London Ellis) were an item in the first few episodes of MIC. The pair dated for almost a year before deciding to mutually split. Gabriella then released a frankly iconic piano-driven power ballad called Fight, which was seemingly about their split and came with an accompanying music video that featured a plethora of Ollie lookalikes. What a time.

When they split, it was claimed on the show that Gabriella didn't know about Ollie being bisexual - however, she's now revealed this wasn't actually the case.

made in chelsea ollie locke and grabiella ellis
Ollie and Gabriella in 2013 ©Getty Images: GT/Star Max/FilmMagic

Speaking out in a very eye-opening TikTok, Gabriella told her followers, "Let's start off with the one thing that you all think you know, but you do not know. Hate it to break it to you all, but I knew that Ollie was bisexual from the very beginning. We'd been going out for a year and he told me before we even went out because that's something you tell a person.

"Alright, call the police. I know, wild eh? The show made up something for drama, no way."

Gabriella also let slip that she was invited back on the show to appear at Ollie's wedding to husband Gareth, although she chose to turn it down as she "didn't want to be made a joke out of anymore".

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