Meet Made in Chelsea’s Lachlan Mclean: his age, his job, and his relationship status

He's one of the newest faces to join the show

Made in Chelsea Lachlan Mclean

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We are still reeling from the latest series of Made in Chelsea, but luckily, we won’t have to wait long to see our favourite SW3 crowd again. Made in Chelsea: Sydney is coming to our screens Monday (19th Dec), and we have never been more ready.

Before you tune in, here’s everything we know so far about one of the newest members of the cast, Lachlan Mclean.

Who is Lachlan Mclean?

Lachlan Mclean is one of the newest faces on Made in Chelsea. Although we don’t know much about him yet, we do know he’s single – and we do know we like what we see – so he’ll no doubt be a hit.

How old is Lachlan Mclean?

Lachlan is 27 years old.

Where is Lachlan Mclean from?

Lachlan is a Northern Beaches boy based in Mona Vale. He was also privately educated at one of Sydney’s most affluent boys schools, so if you’re wondering whether or not he’ll fit in with the Chelsea crowd, there’s your answer.

He wasn’t always Australia-based; when he was 19 years old he moved to the US on a college football scholarship. He played at a professional level until recently returning home to Sydney this past year.

Who is Lachlan Mclean dating?

Lachlan says that he’s happily single but open to love and companionship if it finds him.

He also describes himself as a “lover boy” but openly admits he has had commitment issues in the past, so we’re not sure what kind of “lover boy” he is exactly.

What does Lachlan Mclean do?

Lachlan is a model and influencer, mostly for fashion and men’s lifestyle.

What does Lachlan Mclean like to do for fun?

Lachlan is “fitness mad,” and he loves to go to the gym and play golf. He's also loves being in nature, or on the beach spending time with his best friends, his two dogs.

He is also a bit of a party animal, and says “Give me good times, good people and anything is possible.”

What does Lachlan’s family do?

Lachlan’s mother, Justine, is a Business Money Mentor, and according to her Instagram is dedicated to “helping you manage your money and build profits.” He also has three brothers, Jackson, Ryan, and Benjamin, who restores bespoke cars.

Does Lachlan Mclean have an Instagram account?

He does, and you can follow him at @lachy_mclean, and trust us, he’s well worth the follow. He already has almost half a million followers, so he must be doing something right.

He also has a second and much less used Instagram account under @morelachymclean.

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