EXCLUSIVE: Sam Vanderpump opens up about romance on Made in Chelsea and we cannot WAIT

He's joining Made in Chelsea alongside four new cast members


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When a new collection of cast members join Made in Chelsea we always have a million and one questions - and top of the list is definitely 'who will they be getting their flirt on with?'

Will there be a cute new couple on the cards? Could we have a new Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing or is it going to be more Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton?

We pray it's not the latter, tbh.

One of the newbies set to join the new series of MIC is Sam Vanderpump and in an exclusive chat with heat, he spilled the tea on potential love interests.

mic newbies
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"There was someone I had my eye on when entering the show, one hundred percent," Sam confessed, and if you were hoping he was going to go into explicit detail about his latest dalliance you hope in vain.

"Then that kind of didn’t ever happen," he added.

But if we know the world of Made in Chelsea - and it's been a decade since the reality TV series has been in our lives so we think we know it pretty well - we have a sneaky suspicion it will be exposed pretty early on who Sam fancied.

"So my eye turned someone else," he continued. "We’re seeing how that goes at the moment."

We quizzed Sam how he feels about seeing his dating life being laid out on telly and the MIC newbie isn't remotely fussed about the prospect.

"I'm really excited to see it, actually I wouldn’t change anything I've done or the way I've acted," he admitted.

We keep trying to figure which Chelsea girlie Sam may have shared a romantic moment with and there are a few viable possibilities.

sam ©channel 4

Last time we checked, Lauren Sintes was loved up with Tristan Phipps but could they already have called it a day and could the Brit be dating the American?

Has he made a move on model Paris Smith, or will it be newbie Muffins?

"By episode six, it’s a bit full on," he added. "That’s for sure."

We LOVE full-on, Sam. You'll fit right in.

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