MAFS UK’s Peggy Rose lifts the lid on ‘painful’ scenes that we didn’t see

The MAFS UK star has also revealed how she got on the show

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Aside from the monumental rowing, the wife/husband swapping and – GOOD GOD – the cliffhangers, the best thing about Married About First Sight UK is that once that final episode airs the drama does not disappear in the reality telly abyss. No, no; suddenly those brides and grooms are no longer held back by embargoes and spoiler clauses and have free reign to unleash fresh hell on social media, should they wish. And most of them do; in fact they're doing it right now, weeks after the MAFS UK 2023 final.

If the cast aren't using their platforms to wage digital war against one another – looking at you Jordan Gayle and Luke Worley – they're spilling every last drop of tea they didn't get to spill when the show was still airing, giving us superfans a greater insight into the goings on behind-the-scenes of arguably the most chaotic show on the box.

Today's drop of tea comes from bride Peggy Rose. Quick recap: Peggy was paired with the bold and brash Georges Berthonneau. While they had any ups and downs on the show, they proved that opposites do attract and they somehow finished the show as a couple.

peggy georges married at first sight
Georges and Peggy ©Channel 4

Peggy recently took to her Instagram story to add yet more fuel to the MAFS UK fire by revealing "painful" scenes we never actually saw on the reality show – GASP.

During one of her regular MAFS UK Q&As, one fan asked Peggy, "Best and worst parts about MAFS?"

Opening up about the worst part of the experience, Peggy revealed something we never saw on camera; something she describes as "painful and frustrating".

Peggy ©Channel 4



Peggy wrote, "My most painful and frustrating part was definitely my allergy to dust and pollen (Wembley cut their grass several times a day and we were a stone's throw from the grounds). My whole face was swollen and painful to touch. I never knew I had this until I had it for four weeks during filming as soon as we moved into the new build apartments. I have several trips for medications, steroids, antibiotics – they didn't know what it was. Having to be film and be my happy self and try to impress my new husband was difficult i can't lie."

Especially when he thinks you might be allergic to him...

She continued, "I know there's worse things in the world before anybody reminds me and my heart goes out to those suffering and their families – this is minor, just answering the question."

Not what you thought she was going to say? Nor us. Oh well, we welcome all tea – even the lukewarm, wet kind.

Georges and Peggy MAFS UK
Georges and Peggy are still together

Her favourite part of the whole MAFS UK experience was, of course, meeting hubby Georges. D'aww.

She wrote, "My best part was obviously meeting Georges! There are a load of best bits! Our wedding day, final date and vowel renewal in particular."

Aww, bless you. Get it?

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Ben Pulsford is a digital writer for heatworld and a part-time London-based drag queen, known as Beary Poppins. He is seriously considering applying for the next series of Married at First Sight because he believes it is less chaotic than the London gay dating scene. Wait, does that mean he'll have to write about himself next year? No, that's unethical.

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