MAFS UK’s Tasha Jay opens up on show fight that went ‘tits off’

'That's what happens when there's too much to drink'


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In the world of Married At First Sight UK, things move pretty quickly, especially this season. One week, a couple could look like they’re meant to be, the next, they’re on the verge of a break-up. To think, Shona Masterson and Brad Skelly were the first to confess their love for each other, shortly before being asked to leave the show.

Tasha Jay and Paul Liba began the experiment as one of the strongest couples, but naturally as time has gone on cracks have formed in their relationship. Last week’s episode saw their first real bump in the road, when an off-camera fight after a commitment ceremony left the pair feeling frosty towards each other.

Tasha and Paul MAFS UK
Tasha and Paul MAFS UK ©Channel 4

Although the fight wasn’t shown, it is said to have gotten heated, with Tasha apparently screaming at him and storming off. Now, Tasha has broken her silence on the fight, and what it means for their relationship.

So, what exactly happened between them? While Tasha is still vague on the details, she does explain that alcohol may have played a part. “I didn't want to speak about it on the show… I think it was on one of our down days, quite a few of us went out. And I think all of us had a bit too much to drink. And then that's what happens, when there's too much to drink, everything goes tits off really with everyone.

Tasha and Jay MAFS UK
Tasha and Jay MAFS UK ©Channel 4

“So, I think me and Paul never had a conversation about what our boundaries are, what makes us upset and unfortunately, I just had to find out by doing it, because I was never going to know what his boundaries were.

"And he was never going to know what mine were unless we told each other or unless it happened. It was just unfortunate that it did. But I told him that it would never happen again, and it hasn't since, because I respect his boundaries.”

This almost asks more questions than it answers, but Tasha insists that the fight is now firmly behind them, and it’s made them stronger as a couple.

**“**I think because it was going so well, we needed an argument, needed something to give us a bit of a lesson. And that's what it did really, we found out new things about each. Paul saw a side of me that he didn't like, I saw a side to Paul that I didn't like it. But we grew and we moved past it.”

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