Christmas sandwiches 2021: All the sarnies the high street has to offer RANKED

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christmas sandwiches 2021

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December is upon us, and that means all the supermarkets and cafés have flocked en masse to present the public with their finest Christmas food wares for us to feast on once more.

From baguettes to wraps, there are quite the host of festive sandwich variations to get your gnashers around this year; and while some are tongue-tinglingly delicious, others are...not.

Naturally, we took the gruelling task upon ourselves and have been slaving away reviewing all manner of turkey sandos and pigs in blankets to bring you the definitive ranking of Christmas sandwiches for 2021 and, after many a sleepless night, the results are in.

So, without further ado, we present to you the best and worst Christmas sarnies of the year - bon appetit 🥪

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Christmas sandwiches 2021

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Plant Menu Limited Edition Vegan Festive Feast Sandwich

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Asher Brandon I wasn't as big a fan of this sandwich. It had too many ingredients and was a bit too sweet for my liking. I couldn't really taste the parsnips in the fritter and the sage and onion mayo really wasn't for me. The only saving grace was the bread which was soft and fresh.Rating: 2/5

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British Turkey Feast Sandwich

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Samantha Price**@sampricewriter**Yeah, this sandwich wasn't all that exciting for me. If you're looking for something that tastes like pickings off a party buffet, this is the one. A perfectly "ok" sandwich, if that's your sort of thing. The redeeming feature was the thin layer of cranberry sauce that added some sweetness, and the stuffing which made me feel a bit festive. Other than that, the thin bread and dry turkey means I won't be going out of my way to have this sandwich again. Rating: 2/5

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Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich

Tasted by Online Digital Writer Marianna Manson @marianna_mansonThe most basic offering from mid-budget supermarket Tesco, this festive offering does exactly what it says on the tin - or more accurately, the box. It's got everything you would expect from your bog standard Christmas dinner, but none of the bells and whistles that might make it special. While the cranberry sauce was evenly spread, we could have done with just a tad more filling and sturdier bread that didn't mean half a pig fell out mid-mouthful. ud83dude1eRating: 2/5

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Christmas Turkey Sandwich

Tasted by Acting Managing Editor Carl Smith **@carldavidsmith**Look, I'm a HUGE turkey apologist. While friends and family moan it's as dry as Craig Revel Horwood's Strictly comments, I'll hear none of it. But even I can't deny this sarnie's failings. The bread itself? Lovely. Very fresh. The filling? Mediocre at best. Even with the help of bacon and a (stingy) layer of cranberry sauce, Paul's Christmas Turkey Sandwich lacks flavour. If I were you, I'd go for their delish Ham Hock option instead. Rating: 2.5/5

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CREDIT: Waitrose

Christmas Turkey, Stuffing & Bacon Sandwich

Tasted by Associate Editor Eden-Olivia Lord **@eden_liv_lord**Waitrose is known for being boujee which is why I was slightly disappointed with how fatty the bacon was in the Turkey Stuffing & Bacon Sandwich. It wasn't for me, but if that's how you like your bacon then you'll likely be a fan. Rating: 3/5

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Pig in Blanket Sub Roll

Tasted by Shopping Editor Aimee Jakes* @a1meejakes (AKA Aimee's boyfriend) Okay, listen, I asked my boyfriend (and avid sandwich scoffer) Dan to try it on my behalf. It's essentially a jumbo pig in blanket roll, with stuffing and sweet cranberry sauce. He told me that it was 1) extremely delicious and 2) even better warmed up. "Could it be improved at all? More filling, perhaps?" I asked. "It's perfect," he told me. So there you have it, Asda have essentially won Christmas sandwiches this year. Rating: 5/5

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(top right) The Vegan Stuffing Sandwich

Tasted by Acting Managing Editor Carl Smith **@carldavidsmith**I'll be honest, I was dubious. On appearance alone, my hopes weren't high. Did anyone really ask for sliced carrot in a sandwich? While the sweet potato and chestnut stuffing didn't exactly emulate a meat equivalent, it was tasty nonetheless. That said, I'm a sucker for a sweet cranberry sauce; something this sarnie had in abundance. That might've skewed my views slightly. Rating: 3.5/5

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Turkey & the Trimmings Toastie

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Samantha Price **@sampricewriter**If it had been hot, it would have made for an all round better toastie, so I'm giving some extra points on account of my own failures here. Overall, I think the cheese actually overpowered the ingredients inside, and the taste of stuffing only really came after I'd eaten it. It could have done with a thicker layer of cranberry sauce, but I get that a lot of sauce is not everyone's thing, so fair enough. It's a perfectly good toastie to eat on your lunch break if you're looking for something to warm you up on a cold day. But to be honest, I might as well have eaten a ham and cheese toastie because of the overriding taste of cheese and smoked bacon.Rating: 3.5/5

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CREDIT: Waitrose

Christmas Pigs Under Blankets

Tasted by Associate Editor Eden-Olivia Lord **@eden_liv_lord**Compared to the Turkey, Stuffing & Bacon Sandwich, the Pigs Under Blankets sandwich was less fatty, more delicious and, to be honest, it just screams festive.Rating: 4/5

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Eat & Go Deep Filled Turkey Feast Sandwich

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Asher BrandonThis was a very well-balanced sandwich. The turkey chunks were very moist, and the bacon gave a decent counter taste to the turkey. The only improvement would be more chutney as this would have given a bonus sweet zing. But other than that, a lovely festive sandwich - would definitely recommend.Rating: 4/5

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Brie, Pistachio & Cranberry Baguette

Tasted by Group Managing Editor Georgina Terry **@hellogeorgeterry**The first bite is with the eye, and this is nice looking sandwich. It comes in a neat piccolo baguette with added seeds, and some hanging rocket promises HEALTH. There's some heft to the chew, you feel like you're getting quite a lot of festive bang for your Christmas sandwich buck. It's not soggy at all, and tastes freshly made. If I was being picky, it could maybe do with a little more Brie. And, controversially as I know some people bemoan the amount of mayonnaise in Pret sandwiches but I love the white stuff, it could do with a bit more mayo.But there's a good punch of port in the cranberry sauce and the pistachios are a delightful, playful touch.Rating: 4/5

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The ultimate turkey feast

Tasted by Audience Dec Exec Lucy Smith **@luceeeeesmith**M&S is practically the backbone of Britain at this point, to be quite honest, and that's why I'm THRILLED to say this festive turkey sandwich did indeed taste like a classic Brit Xmas dinner. The stuffing was flavourful, the turkey was, in true Blighty fashion, a tad try BUT, thank the Lord, the moist cranberry sauce was there to save the day. It was generously filled, well seasoned and just lovely, really. Not quite Ross' moist maker from Friends, but nothing will ever compare.Rating: 4/5

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CREDIT: Waitrose

Christmas Smoked Salmon Egg & Truffle

Tasted by Associate Editor Eden-Olivia Lord **@eden_liv_lord**I was really surprised how tasty the smoked salmon egg and truffle sandwich was. I'd definitely recommend treating yourself or a colleague to a Waitrose Christmas sandwich this festive period.Rating: 4/5

No Turkey Wrap14 of 22

No Turkey Wrap

Tasted by Shopping Editor Aimee Jakes@a1meejakesI was surprised at how much I loved this wrap. The turkey substitute was really tasty and it was actually exciting eating a plant-based wrap that didn't involve hummous-y falafel. Vegans will love this one. Rating: 4/5

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Finest Turkey Feast Sandwich

Tasted by Online Digital Writer Marianna Manson @marianna_mansonThis is more like it. As with anything in this cruel world we call home, you get what you pay for with Tesco Christmas sandwiches and this slightly more expensive one from their Finest range comes with all the filling you crave and the delicious addition of chestnut and onion stuffing. The butter-basted Turkey and mayonnaise as well as cranberry sauce stops it from being dry.Rating: 4/5

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CREDIT: Morrisons

Morrisons Turkey Lunch Sandwich

Tasted by Digital Writer Nathan Katnoria **@Nathan_Kat**Supermarket festive sandwich offerings can be very hit and miss, so I must admit I had quite low expectations for Morrison's Christmas Lunch sarnie. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to reveal two deep-filled sandwich halves packed with juicy chunks of turkey breast, smoked bacon, sage and onion pork stuffing, cranberry chutney and seasoned mayo.The smoky flavour of the bacon, combined with the salty stuffing and sweet, tangy cranberry sauce was absolutely delicious and I'll definitely be popping to my local Mozzas to get my hands on another one before the big day.Rating: 4/5

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Plant Kitchen no beef welly roll

Tasted by Audience Dec Exec Lucy Smith **@luceeeeesmith**This sando by NO means falls into the vegan letdown category because, and I cannot state this enough, M&S' Plant Kitchen no beef welly roll was bloomin' delish. The beef substitute was succulent and very convincing, and the tiger roll-style bun brought an added crunch that really complimented the sarnies' overall oomph. I'd recommend it, vegan or not, I do however wish their vegan offering was perhaps a bit more festive - a no turkey sando next year Mr Mark and Mr Spencer, please. Rating: 4/5

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Eat & Go Deep Filled Brie & Spiced Cranberry Chutney Sandwich On Malted Bread

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Asher BrandonYou really can't beat a bit of brie and cranberry at Christmas, and this sandwich didn't disappoint. The brie to cranberry ratio was perfect, meaning the sandwich was neither too dry nor too soggy. The chutney itself was very nice and the bread was nice and soft. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a tasty festive sandwich this Christmas.Rating: 4/5

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Boxing Day Ham Hock Sandwich

Tasted by Acting Managing Editor Carl Smith **@carldavidsmith**Controversial opinion alert: Boxing Day food is low key better than Christmas Day food. The leftovers, the cold cuts, the new influx of selection boxes from family visitors. Dreamy.So it's no surprise Paul's Boxing Day Ham Hock sarnie's a winner. A lip-smackin' combo of ham, cheese and piccalilli with a kick, this baguette's a bold take on Christmassy cuisine. Given its gargantuan filling, it's messy af – but it's totally worth the inevitable spillage.Rating: 4.5/5

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Pigs Under Blankets Panini

Tasted by Storytelling Executive Samantha Price **@sampricewriter**Wow oh wow. Now THIS is how you do a Christmas sandwich. From the first bite, I knew it was going to be good. Maple cured bacon is a definite winner for me, so this was right up my street. Understandably, it might not be for everyone, especially for those who believe sweet flavours have no place on a sandwich. But just trust me on this one. Served warm on thick Italian bread, the balance of flavours was just right. With the sweetness from the maple cured bacon and the cranberry sauce, the flavours in it were just SO tasty. Without a doubt I'll definitely be buying again. Rating: 5/5

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Pigs in blankets sandwich

Tasted by Audience Dec Exec Lucy Smith **@luceeeeesmith**BEST. SANDWICH. EVER. I am a gravy hoarder, I steal far to much of it at Christmas dinner and, well, like Ross from Friends, a moist maker is my dream sandwich. Somehow M&S have manager to achieve a Christmas feasting miracle with this indulgent pigs in blankets sandwich featuring...wait for it...gravy mayo. Yep, it's delicious as it sounds and it adds a real moreish moistness to an already sumptuous eat. I can't recommend it enough. Get yourself down to your local M&S now.Rating: 5/5

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Turkey Toastie

Tasted by Online Digital Writer Marianna Manson **@marianna_manson**We're not going to beat around the bush here: if there's the option of melted cheese on our Turkey toastie, you won't catch us faffing around with your basic sandwich offering. Tesco's Turkey Toastie (try saying that ten times fast) might not be the most traditional of snacks but you really cannot beat oozy béchamel, hot cranberry sauce and fried onions in warm bread. The perfect winter warmer for cold December lunchtimes.Rating: 10/5

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