Love Island’s Summer Botwe reveals HUGE villa secret that was ‘no joke’


by Ben Pulsford |

We often find ourselves asking a lot of questions about the bedroom inside the Love Island villa here at heat HQ; ones we tend to never get the answers to, sadly. Questions like:

  • Does the bedroom ever get cleaned? Because if it doesn't - yuck.

  • How often are the sheets changed? Because let's face it, that salon wouldn't shut down if it was on fire.

  • What does the bedroom smell like? We don't like to think about that one too hard.

  • What happens when an Islander snores or sleep talks?

  • What happens if an Islander suffers from night terrors?

  • If there are no windows, what's the temperature in there?

  • Can you hear people getting, umm, treatments?

Those are just a few that come to mind. Luckily, we have bombshells like Summer Botwe willing to answer at least one of them for us.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, one fan asked Summer, "See cos u had to share beds in the villa, was it not boiling at night?"

It's a valid question, we don't like sleeping next to anyone at the best of times, especially if they're a human hot water bottle and ESPECIALLY not after the month we've just had here in the UK 🥵

This is important, though, we're finally going to find out what the temperature is in that bedroom from a reputable source, i.e. someone who has actually slept in there.

Summer responded saying, "Guys the aircon in that bedroom was no joke, full blast every night, if anything I was cold 😭😭."

That would explain how Gemma was sleeping in a giant hoodie wrapped in a big Luca-shaped duvet comfortably, night after night then.

In truth, we're not looking to find love, or even be 'famous', but if strong air conditioning is a guarantee every night in that villa then we might just apply for next year's series ourselves - for a few decent summer sleeps, at the very least. And a few easy heat exclusives, too.

Summer, who was famously pied by finalist Dami Hope in the villa, has been connected to another famous reality star in the last couple of weeks and if these rumours are true, then we might just have a new fave celebrity couple.

Honestly, we love any villa tea. Wishing aside, we'll probably never get to nose around a Love Island villa, so we need these little snippets of info to help paint a detailed picture for pure fantasy.

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Prior to the start of this series, Love Island bosses confirmed that they had created the biggest gym and workout area ever seen on the ITV2 programme to help get the Islanders’ pulses racing. Although, tbf, all we can remember about anyone working out is Davide squatting Ekin-Su while she ate her breakfast.

According to The Sun, an insider said, "Viewers love all the scenes of rippling muscles and sexy squats.

“Now producers hope that extra space for couples to work out will lead to more hook-ups as the testosterone flows.”

It was also recently announced that producers had changed the application process to encourage non-binary contestants to apply to be on the show. These changes need to be made as, by comparison, other similar dating shows have taken measures to ensure a diversity of cast member, in terms of age, sexuality, race, ethnicity and body type. A recent example of this is Love In the Flesh, which had more diversity in its first series than Love Island has had in its previous five series.

Before we even knew any of this year's Islanders names, it was also announced that one of the staples of the show had been axed for the upcoming series.

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