Married At First Sight UK’s Matt Murray hits out at show’s producers over ‘editing decisions’

And can we just take a minute to talk about his complete image overhaul, please?

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by Nathan Katnoria |

Just when we thought the latest series of Married At First Sight UK couldn't get any more dramatic, show bosses pulled a major twist out of the bag when they introduced two "intruder" couples midway through the experiment last week.

One of the new couples was Matt Murray and Gemma Rose, who seemed like they were 100% each other's type on paper at first, but cracks soon began to show when Matt admitted that Gemma's smutty sense of humour and sexual remarks were beginning to make him feel uncomfortable. Things got even worse on their honeymoon when they spent the night apart after rowing at a restaurant and, in a recent episode, Matt and Gemma came to blows once again at their first commitment ceremony.

Following their on-screen arguments, Matt has taken to social media to speak out for the first time and it seems he's not happy with the way the show has been edited.

Addressing the drama, he said, "I've not been watching the episodes. I don't really need to, I was there and I also get enough feedback from you guys - which I appreciate, by the way. I do. Obviously, starting this process, I didn't want anyone to get hurt. There was no intention for anybody to end up upset. It's just not me as a person.

"I do think that the edits are adding longer pauses to things and making things seem very very dramatic, but that's TV. It's a TV show at the end of the day, guys. It is there for your entertainment."

matt mafs uk
Matt set the record straight on Instagram ©Instagram/Matt Murray

Matt continued, "I spent a lot of time inside that experiment constantly feeling the need to defend myself, defend my decisions, to validate them in front of complete strangers and I'm just going to let the episodes play out. However the edit is is however the edit is.

"I was there. I know my truth and I know who I am. I'm not claiming to be a perfect person. Nobody's perfect, everybody's got their own downfalls, everybody's got their own flaws, their own insecurities. Just take everything with a pinch of salt."

Elsewhere on his Instagram, Matt gave fans a glimpse at what he looked like pre-fame and let's just say, he's not always been the tattooed Adonis he is today. Earlier this year, the reality star, barber and calisthenics athlete shared a throwback snap of him with less tattoos (and a lip ring) alongside a recent picture of his newly-jacked body.

What a transformation, eh?

Who is Matt Murray?

Matt is a reality star who rose to fame on the seventh series of Married At First Sight UK in September 2022 when he joined the show as an "intruder" groom midway through the experiment.

How old is Matt from Married At First Sight UK?

Matt is 32 years old.

Where is Matt Murray from?

Matt is from Huddersfield.

matt married at first sight uk
Matt joined the cast of Married At First Sight UK midway through the experiment with his new wife Gemma Rose ©E4

What is Matt from Married At First Sight UK's job outside of the show?

When he's not appearing on MAFS UK, Matt works as a barber and also trains as a calisthenics athlete. No, we had no clue either, but according to Google, calisthenics is a form of strength training using your own body weight.

Are Matt and Gemma from Married At First Sight UK still together?

It was love (or at least lust) at first sight for Matt and Gemma when they walked down the aisle on their wedding day, but their relationship soon soured when he found it hard to deal with her sexual comments on their honeymoon. At the couple's first commitment ceremony, Matt accused Gemma of touching herself inappropriately at a restaurant - although she insisted it was just her "sense of humour".

Ultimately, the pair decided to try and put their differences behind them and they both agreed to stay in the experiment at their first commitment ceremony, but it remains to be seen whether they will last for the entire process and continue their relationship outside of the show.

Does Matt from Married At First Sight have Instagram?

He does, you can follow Matt on Instagram at @matt_b_murray.

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