Pete Wicks exposes REAL reason behind Zara McDermott’s ‘fake tears’

She infamously admitted to cheating on Sam Thompson on the E4 show

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We’ve seen plenty of Made in Chelsea meltdowns, rows and confrontations over the years, but none have stuck in our minds quite the way Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott’s 2020 showdown after she admitted to cheating on him have.

In scenes that spawned thousands of memes, Zara can be seen tearfully screaming, “You can! You can!” at Sam as he tells her he’s unsure whether he can forgive her for her infidelity. At the time, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts that the former Love Island star’s crying was “fake”.

Although Sam and Zara have moved past that awkward moment and are happier than ever after rekindling their romance, his bestie Pete Wicks recently brought it up once again during the latest episode of their podcast Staying Relevant as he seemingly exposed the real reason Zara was accused of faking her tears.

The reality TV duo were discussing cosmetic treatments with their special guest GKBarry (aka TikTok star and Saving Grace host Grace Keeling) when Pete let slip that Sam had once had Botox injections.

“Sam had Botox once, it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life,” the TOWIE star revealed.

Sam replied, “Yeah, I’m never doing it again. Can’t do it again.

“I was still doing Made in Chelsea at the time and I was trying to express my face and I was like, ‘Why are you looking like you’re going to sh*t yourself?’”

Grace savagely chimed in, “That wasn’t the cheating time was it? ‘I can’t believe you that you was cheating on me’ and you’re just like ‘Oh my god, no way.’”

“She’d had an awful lot of Botox at the time, that’s why she couldn’t cry,” Pete added, referring to Zara, to which Sam screamed, “Oh no!” and Grace said, “That’s getting cut out, that’s getting cut out.”

“Zara, I love you, I’m sorry, but keep that the f**k in,” Pete replied.

Sam then said Pete’s comments would “get him in trouble” with his girlfriend, with Pete replying, “No, you won’t get in trouble. Zara loves me. She finds me funny. She laughs at them things, me and her joke about it all the time.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Zara listens to that episode for the first time…

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