Where to find the cold water tub Amber Davies swears by for a clearer headspace

This TikTok trend is packed full of health and well-being benefits

Amber Davies

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Amber Davies was a babe the moment she rocked up on Love Island 2017, and we've not forgotten about her since.

Over the years she's been sharing all her self-care and mindfulness strategies and, one of them, well, we just had to try it.

It's called cold water therapy, and we watched Amber taking the plunge (quite literally) in the mornings throughout spring, working to increase her submersion time in the water.

amber davies cold water therapy
Amber shared her progress on Instagram. ©Instagram @amb_d

The general idea is that, by using a small plunge pool (which you keep outside) and submerging yourself into the cold water for minutes at a time, your body will be shocked into alertness, increasing clarity and even producing more of those all-important endorphins.

Cold water therapy has also been going hella viral on TikTok too, with creator Shelby Doner (@shelbydoner) crowned the ultimate plunging guru. With 48.7k followers, she shares videos of her cold plunging every day and the benefits it had for her over time, including increased metabolism, pain relief, better sleep and decreased stress (see more in our FAQ section below.) Here's her how-to video below, featuring a cameo from her adorable cat Mala.

Amber Davies uses a tub from The Soul Hub but, if we're honest, we're not sure we want to be set back £95 for a glorified paddling pool...

Lo and behold, we've found one for a fraction of the price at only £55.99 (because we're just that good) and, what's more, it's collapsable, so you can pack it away.

Fancy yourself a clearer headspace?

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The best cold water therapy tub (Editor's choice)

Who would have thought that dunking yourself in ice-cold water is actually SUPER good for your health? This cylindrical shape tub means your body will be fully submerged in the water so you can feel the full effect of cold water therapy.

The best inflatable cold water therapy tub

Lying down more your thing? Then this inflatable bathtub would be an excellent choice. This tub is made from high-density PVC for extra durability; this tub is designed to be comfortable (as much as possible when in an ice bath) thanks to the inflatable pillow, backrest, and armrest. Plus, it comes with a pump- thank the lord.

The best cute cold water therapy tub
Portable Bathtub Adult Foldable Ice Cold Water Therapy Bath Tubebay

Who said cold water therapy tubs can't be adorable? This strawberry patterned one is so cute and includes a water cushion for extra comfort.

The best outdoor cold water therapy tub
Huge 54 inch Galavnised Steel Outdoor Ice Bath Plunge Pool | Cold Water Therapyetsy
Price: £235.99


The big trend on TikTok is to do your cold water therapy in a galvanised steel bath outdoors, so why not feel your inner Bear Grylls and be adventurous with your self-care. These also look super chic in your garden- cottagecore realness.

The best statement cold water therapy tub
Oak Barrels for Ice Bath Recovery - Wine and Whiskeyetsy
Price: £198.99 +


Anyone else remember the game Pop-Up Pirate that we used to play as kids? This is very...that. These authentic vintage barrels are modified by Celtic Timbers to be the perfect plunge pool.

What are the benefits of ice baths?

Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get from taking an ice bath:

Physical recovery: Many athletes take an ice bath after training as it can change how fluids like blood and lymph flow through your body. Additionally, ice baths are known to lower inflammation after intense physical exercise and help with recovery.

Weight loss: Let's get into the science. As the cold temperatures stimulate the activation of brown fat tissue throughout your body. The brown fat encourages your body to produce heat as it burns off white fat. It will also give you a jolt of energy to start any workouts in the day.

Increased parasympathetic activity: Exposing your body to icy temperatures on a regular basis is known to make you more resilient to stress, anxiety, and depression and helps with your digestive system. As cold stimulate your vagus nerve (an essential part of your nervous system) it will allow you to calm down from a state of stress.

How long should your ice baths be?

To reap the benefits of an ice bath, medical experts recommend that you spend around three minutes in the ice bath and no more than 10-15 minutes as you may be at risk of having hypothermia.

Start with two or three minutes at first and see how you feel after the first attempt.

If you are interested in cold water therapy and want to discover more, we recommend Wim Hof's book, The Wim Hof Method. If you have never heard of him, he is a super inspiring and influential Dutchman that goes on hikes in artic conditions in boxers and can breathe through illness. Yeah - he is pretty cool.

This book will show you how to harness three key elements to master mind over matter and achieve the impossible - cold, breathing and mindset.

The Wim Hof Method: Activate Your Potential, Transcend Your LimitsAmazon
Price: $23.46

A step-by-step guide to ice water plunges

Brace yourself before you go in psyche yourself up, put on a timer (or get someone to time you). Set it for three minutes but only go in for as long you can manage.

Count down and jump in and immerse yourself in the ice water. Focus on long, slow, steady exhales out of your mouth and relax your shoulders and close your eyes. You can do it, but you need to control your breath and not panic. Think of all the health benefits.

When it’s time to come out, shake out your body, and make noises if you need to release, then you will be feeling sharp and alive.

Here you can see our queen Shelby's transformation from day one to day 20. It's tough at first- it's freezing cold water after all-but soon your body adjusts to the shock and it becomes a brilliant way to become mindful and present in the moment.

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Some more self-care tips to prepare for hot girl summer...

1. Get moving

If you have a gym membership, fab. Get yourself onto the frames, treadmills, squat racks etc. and pump it up like the Black Eyed Peas. You might be putting it off, but we'd bet good money you'll feel better afterwards - just think of the radio tunes they'll be booming through the speakers?

Not a fan of the gym? No proooblem. Moving doesn't have to mean sweating it out and, to be honest, sometimes a good old walk in the park can be the best thing for a weighed under headspace. So forget the laundry, forget the dishes from lunch and pop out on a dander.

2. Up the greenery in your workspace

Working from home can be hard at times, and it's possible that you might even miss your commute.

You might not get that 30-minute wind down on the journey home but, you can make your workspace more headspace friendly with a boost of greenery and foliage freshness. Think cheese plants, spider plants, money plants - all of which are fairly easy to keep alive.

3. Swap your phone for a good book

It's so easy to close your laptop and immediately pick up your phone, but there's a strong possibility your well-being is suffering from all the screen time.

Why not take some time out of each day to take a digital detox, and pick up a book instead.

It could be a crime thriller, a soppy romance novel - there's plenty to choose from.

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