Cher Lloyd: where is she now?

Cher! We Want U Back...

by Ben Pulsford |
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If you're anything like us then you spend a good proportion of your daydreams thinking about former X Factor contestants – like Chico, Same Difference, Wagner and Cher Lloyd – and what they're up to now.

And for that matter, where the heck is Cheryl these days?

During one of these momentary nostalgic daydreams at the gym (really, really light cardio - like walking to the gym and back), Swagger Jagger comes on shuffle and we are floored with memories and suddenly have so many questions.

For those who were living under a rock in 2011, Swagger Jagger was the debut single of Cheryl's X Factor prodigy, Cher Lloyd from Worcestershire and over a decade later, we just don't have the words to describe this song. So bad it's good, maybe? Timeless and iconic? It's the kind of song you can imagine the Drag Race UK finalists releasing as an ear worm of a single midway through the series, so yeah, in 2022, let's go with timeless and iconic.

But this isn't about Swagger Jagger, this is about now 29-year-old Cher Lloyd (we know), the British diva who gifted us with hits like Swagger Jagger (so good it's worth mentioning twice), None Of My Business and Want U Back after finding fame on The X Factor in 2010.

To put that into perspective and to make everyone else feel old, too, that was the year Apple released the first iPad, everyone learned who Jennifer Lawrence was and Meghan Markle appeared on CSI: Miami for about three seconds.

WATCH: Cher Lloyd's X Factor Audition

Cher might've come in fourth place on the seventh series of The X Factor, but she went on to become one of the show's major success stories (not quite One Direction or Leona Lewis big, but still), storming the UK and US charts and collaborating with the likes of Demi Lovato, Becky G, T.I. and Mike Posner. So where the heck is Cher now and if she was so successful why has she seemingly vanished like so many other X Factor icons before her?

Now we're thinking about Jedward.

We'll rip the plaster off - Cher's doing just fine. In fact, she is very much active and still slaying (mainly in the realms of music and hair).

In fact, she's got a new jam out called Baddest (collaborating with Imanbek) and is performing as part of the mass celebrations for Birmingham Pride in September 2022, according to her Instagram.

She's also pretty active on TikTok, boasting a whopping 262.2K followers. You can follower her at @cherlloydmusic.

And what about her personal life, we hear you ask?

Come on, this is heat. In January 2012, just over a year after finding X factor fame, Cher announced her engagement to her boyfriend of less than a year, Craig Monk. The pair got married in 2013 – when Cher was 20 years old – and welcomed a baby girl in May 2018.

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