Hang on, is Gemma Owen reuniting with her ex following Luca Bish split?

Fans think they’ve worked out the real reason she’s split from Luca

by Ben Pulsford |

Love Island 2022 only ended a few months ago and there's already been a few Islanders splitting including Gemma Owen and Luca Bish but now there's rumours she could be reuniting with her ex-boyfriend.

And, no, it's not Luca. Nor is it Jacques O'Neill. It's another ex - which is pretty impressive considering Gemma Owen is STILL somehow only 19 years old.

And can we just say something? When we were 19 we were having cereal for dinner at uni and learning how to iron without burning the house down. Compare those classy images to Gemma Owen's reality of being a 19-year-old international dressage rider for Great Britain, Love Island 2022 finalist living an ultra glam showbiz lifestyle and dating hunky men, including mysterious jet-setting zaddy Neil Farrugia (he's the hot topic of this story – and we do mean that 🔥).

Life's no race, but if it were Gemma would probably be in the lead... on a horse.

Gemma, who is Michael Owen's reality star daughter, was hitting headlines for her age (she turned 19 in May) before she even appeared on our screens this summer. Shortly after Love Island started, Gemma's ex boyfriend, 23-year-old Jacques, was sent into the villa as a bombshell. At the time, Love Island sleuths (who probably also ate cereal for dinner at uni) worked out that the pair got together during lockdown when Gemma was 17. That very prospect left the internet shook.

Fast forward to halfway through the series – roughly the same time her and Luca Bish starting getting serious – and imagine the internet's reaction when ANOTHER one of Gemma's older ex boyfriends, Neil, came forward to claim that he wanted to go on the show as a bombshell to win her back. And here's what truly broke a lot of brains out there: this latest ex was allegedly 27 years old a the time.

Neil met Gemma in Dubai – where he currently resides – and the pair dated for four months.

Gemma Owen Neil Farrugia
Instagram / Neil Farrugia ©Instagram / Neil Farrugia

This Love Island rumour soon fizzled out and Neil speedily vanished from our showbiz radar.

However, it now appears that the elusive Lothario is making yet another attempt to re-woo Gemma, now she has officially split with Luca.

Despite Gemma insisting in her very dramatic Instagram Story announcement that the split was mutual, according to The Sun, Luca was blind sighted by it.

Around the same time, Lemma fans began to notice that ex Neil had started liking Gemma's Instagram photos again.

One commented, "Gemma's nearly 30 year old ex boyfriend, the one she was rumoured to be back together with, liking this post? Interesting timing."

Another commented, "Not the 27 year old @neilfarrugia1 now liking your pics again after saying he could win you back."

A source recently told the publication, "Luca had no idea that Gemma was going to end things.

"He feels really embarrassed about the whole thing. He was gushing about her at events this week - while she was planning to end it.

"He begged her to keep trying but she had made up her mind.

"He feels like he has put up with a lot - after being slammed on the show and mocked about Michael Owen, so he's feeling pretty upset and angry right now."

While Gemma was in the Love Island villa, Neil made it clear that Luca was not her type, exclaiming that Davide Sanclimenti would be more of a catch for our Gemma. Or anyone.

He said, "Luca seems like a very nice guy but he's just not Gemma's type!"

Gemma and Davide kiss
Gemma and Davide kiss shared a kiss on day one ©ITV ©©ITV

Talking about his time with Gemma, he said, "We went travelling together and got really close despite it only being for a short period of time.

"I believe Gemma and I had a lot of potential and I still think we could be a good match if reunited in the future. Who knows?

"I would definitely try my best to turn Gemma's head back in my direction if I joined the show as a bombshell. I think I could make that happen."

Luca and Gemma ©ITV ©©ITV

Neil went on to explain why he and Gemma separated after just four months, telling OK!, "I live in Malta and she lives in the UK.

"Gemma and I always had a lot of respect for one another and... we celebrated many good times and good vibes together."

Watch this space, we guess. Love Island fans sure will be 👀.

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Luca Bish

Gemma met Luca Bish in the Love Island villa in summer 2022, and all things considered it was love at first sight. Despite a few hurdles along the way, the pair left the show as runners-up and continued their relationship outside of the villa, until deciding to call it quits mid November. The pair announced their break-up to their millions of fans via Instagram Story posts, both calling it a a mutual decision, however some believe Gemma initiated the split.

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