Kerry Riches opens up about her secret connection in the house and we NEVER saw this

It looks like Kerry had a third house baby

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See, this is why we simply HAVE to interview evicted Big Brother housemates every week – they're the only ones who have witnessed house action 24/7. Us mortal BB fans are simply watching a 75 minute summary of a whole day inside the house – as such, we're missing a whole chunk of the action.

Okay, fine, we like to think those crafty Big Brother editors know what they're doing and only cut out all the boring bits like toilet trips, naps and weird home workouts that give us horrible lockdown flashbacks, but we'll never know for sure unless we quiz these housemates.

Luckily, heatworld is speaking to each and every one of the evicted Big Brother 2023 housemates just hours after their eviction from the house and our recent chat with Kerry Riches is a perfect example of how some storylines are clearly being kept from us – because there just isn't the time to squeeze in everything night after night.

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Kerry ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

During a wholesome chat about her relationship with Hallie Clarke and Olivia Young, Kerry inadvertently revealed that she was actually pretty close to another younger housemate; in fact, in a similar fashion to Hallie and Olivia, they also saw Kerry as their house mum.

And, no shade, but it's an unlikely one; we say unlikely, as he's spent the last three weeks consistently moaning about his Big Brother experience, and most recently, hurting the feelings of bezzie Chanelle Bowen, which in our books is just unforgivable.

We're, of course, talking about Jenkin Edwards.

Jenkin Edwards Big Brother
Jenkin ©©ITV Plc

Yep, apparently Kerry and Jenkin were far closer than we ever saw in screens – so close, in fact, that according to Kerry, he would tell her loved her right before bed every night.

While gushing about Hallie, she told heatworld, "Every night before bed, she said, 'I love you, mama.' I was everyone's mum."

She continued, "Every night, Jenkin told me he loved him, because I remind him a lot of his mum. I was everyone's [mum]."

Is this just us? Are we the only ones who can't remember Jenkin and Kerry ever being in the same room in the Big Brother house, let alone trading pillow talk and 'I love yous' every night.

We think you might be getting a little too trigger happy with the editing, ITV. We need to see EVERY storyline, dolls. And while you're at it – bring back that option to watch them sleep every night while listening to birdsong. It was like a white noise machine to us back in the day.

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