‘Controversial’ MAFS UK star hints at Celebrity Big Brother stint and OMG

If this is true, he'll be back on our screens next week

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Last night's (Monday 26 February 2024) Married at First Sight reunion was a stunning reminder of just how chaotic and messy the E4 dating show/social experiment truly is – and we obv love it for that. No shade, but it really does make the now heavily-produced Love Island (where's the lie?) seem almost wholesome in comparison. Like, if Love Island were The Great Pottery Throw Down, MAFS would be Bake Off – if the all contestants were constantly horned up and the tent was on actual fire. We love MAFS and Love Island equally by the way – we just love different things about them, and a big part of our love for MAFS is the unfiltered mayhem.

mafs cast
The MAFS UK 2023 cast ©mafs - channel 4

Credit where credit is due; a huge majority of that mayhem comes directly from the actions of the brides and grooms – and we mean in the episodes themselves and on social media for months after. The cast of MAFS UK 2023 have been at each other's throats for months now and last night's reunion seems to have lit a fire under some key cast members. Take Luke Worley for example...

Luke and Jay on their 'wedding day'
Luke and Jay on their 'wedding day' ©Channel 4

Luke, who was married to Jay Howard during the experiment (the pair are longer together because that just wouldn't be chaotic enough, would it?) didn't even attend last night's reunion, and instead spent the evening spilling tea on the show and coming for production and, erm, certain members of the cast. Carnage – and frankly, we enjoyed it more than the reunion.

Part of Luke's chaotic charm is constantly throwing curveballs at us – like last night, when he casually alluded to the fact that he might be appearing on another reality show VERY SOON before anything had been officially confirmed by show bosses.

And by VERY SOON we mean next Monday because that's when Celebrity Big Brother starts on ITV.

Hear us out.

After the reunion, Luke took to his Instagram story to share his chaotic thoughts on the catch-up, writing, "I knew I would be in the drama and I'm not even there 😂😂. Might as well put me in the Big Brother house next 😅."


When you work for heat, that qualifies as an announcement, btw. And okay, it's hardly an official Celebrity Big Brother announcement, but we're now imagining this 'controversial' MAFS star walking up those metal stairs and through that giant illuminated eye and, well, it would certainly be more exciting than Pottery Throw Down, wouldn't it?

Sadly, it's unlikely Luke is heading into the CBB house this year as he would probably be locked up in a hotel somewhere sans a phone right about now, but still, we can dream and manifest future chaos, can't we?

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