Big Brother’s Kerry Riches exposes TRUTH behind Paul and Olivia’s relationship

The 40-year-old NHS worker tells heat, 'They were terrible together'

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In case you haven't noticed yet, heatworld has been super busy getting the juiciest goss from all your evicted housemates the second they exit the Big Brother house. Well, not the second, but Kerry Riches did tell us that she hasn't slept in her own bed since she was evicted, so fairly swiftly. Don't worry, we haven't slept in our own bed since October either, Kezza (are we lying?).

We have to say, when it comes to Kerry, we've felt a range of emotions and differing levels of allegiance. After speaking to her in person, we can vouch for those overpowering mum/Gemma Collins vibes. We'd would probably have a banging day at Winter Wonderland with her (as long as we didn't talk about politics).

During our rather candid chat with the 40-year-old NHS worker, the conversation turned to the topic of her two closest BB girlies, Hallie Clarke and Olivia Young. While Olivia's name was being floated we simply HAD to get Kerry's insight on the WILD flirting going on between Liv and Paul Blackburn inside those famous four walls.

Paul Olivia Big Brother housemates
Paul and Olivia have been close friends since day one ©Photo by Shutterstock for Big Brother

As Twitter/X likes to remind us on the regs, when it comes to Big Brother, we're seeing one hour out of every 24 hours of footage, so it's tricky for your average viewer to get the FULL story on say a blossoming relationship. Luckily for you lot, you have us.

When asked to comment on whether anything was actually going on with single Olivia and Paul – who has a girlfriend outside of the house – Kerry told heat, "There’s nothing there, I promise you."


Come on Kerry, you definitely read heat – you know what we want from you.

Kerry and Olivia Big Brother
Kerry and Olivia ©Photo by Shutterstock for Big Brother

Kerry continued, 'First of all, he’s not her type. She wants to come to Essex, she wants me to find her an Essex boy. She likes very tanned and she likes very groomed. He has got a beautiful girlfriend and I don’t want him to mess that up as he’s very happy with her. They were like my naughty little twins them two. They were terrible together."

Urgh. Mind you, we spoke to fellow evictee Zak Srakaew last week and that was not what he was saying...

Zak exclusively told heat, “I feel like they do have a little flirt here and there, but Olivia knows Paul’s got a girlfriend, so she’s taking a step back. But I do know if Paul was single in there, he’d definitely be all over her like boyfriend and girlfriend.

“He’s got a picture of his Mrs beside his bed and she’s basically Olivia, but in a different form. He definitely has a type – blonde hair, cute, smile. Olivia is his type to a tee… and the way he looks at her.”

Do we sniff you trying to protect your BB kiddies, Kerry?

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