Callum Jones’ savage swipe at Jess Gale resurfaces and AWKWARD

They appeared on Love Island 2020 together

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We really should be putting Reddit users on payroll here at heat Towers because the Love Island goss they're digging up on our All Stars is, honestly, stellar – and you'd think four weeks in, they'd have dug up everything they could possibly find on these superstar Islanders, but no, they're still finding gems for us.

Of course, being All Stars, there's years and years of press interviews, Instagram story posts, TikToks and YouTube videos in the public eye to sift through, so unlike fresh Islanders, our All Stars can't exactly just delete a few grid posts and call it a fresh slate. Take this cringe-worthy find, for example...

Callum ©©ITV

One Reddit user recently discovered an OLD interview featuring Callum Jones and Molly Smith – back when they were together – fresh out of the Love Island 2020 villa (just before the world went into lockdown) playing a innocent game of truth or dare – well, innocent at the time.

Fast forward four years and the resurfaced video now has an awkward, bitter feel to it as it shows Callum slagging off twins Jess and Eve Gale (who starred in the 2020 series with him); which means it's video proof of Callum taking a brutal swipe at Jess, who he's currently in a couple with in the All Stars villa.


Jess and Callum are currently coupled up
Jess and Callum are currently coupled up ©©ITV

When you watch the video, you'll notice two glaring things, so we'll address those right away; the video also features Georgia Steel (who is currently also in the All Stars villa and had an awkward dalliance with Callum and Molly - talk about foreboding) and all three All Stars look VERY, very, young.

Anyway, during the game the host asks Callum to reveal the 2020 Islander he didn't really get along with. To be fair, he clearly felt uncomfortable answering the question, as Georgia Steel had to prompt a bumbling Callum to name someone he wasn't as close to.

He eventually answered, "Maybe the twins? They come as a package... Not my least favourite, just..."

Which, of course, includes Jess, who is currently coupled up with Callum in the All Stars villa. Ouch and ouch.

Jess and Callum
Jess and Callum ©©ITV

To be fair, this wasn't exactly a calculated dig, just a comment that hasn't aged well. Maybe one to jovially play at their wedding one day...

Besides, that's hardly the MOST awkward nugget of Callum and Jess history that's been unearthed – after all, Callum's 'brother' has history with Jess.

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