EXCLUSIVE: Leah Taylor lifts the lid on ‘missed chapter’ with Scott van-der-Sluis

Leah has spilled the tea on her drama with Scott

by Sarah O'Byrne |
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Love Island is the gift that keeps on giving and no one can deny that one of Love Island 2023’s most memorable moments was Scott van-der-Sluis’s outburst during Movie Night.

Our jaws were on the floor when he yelled at Leah Taylor, “You haven’t f***ing spoken for four weeks!”


At the time, this seemed like an attack from absolutely nowhere, but since leaving the Love Island villa, Leah has set the record straight.

love island leah
leah and scott rowed on movie night ©ITV

Leah and Montel McKenzie sat down with heat's Harriet Rose for an exclusive heat dates interview, and while according to Scott she didn’t speak for four weeks, she’s certainly speaking now.

The bombshell revealed that their row wasn’t as unprompted as viewers were led to believe, and this wasn’t even their first bust up.

“There’d been quite a few… not necessarily arguments, but a few bickers between me and Scott leading up to this which I realised when I came out that none had been aired, so it kind of just seemed so random to everybody else that this has happened," she explained.

love island scott
scott was pretty outspoken on movie night ©ITV

Leah made it clear that she has no issue with Scott, and while he’s a big personality the pair do get on.

“The thing with me and Scott is we could always sit down and talk about things together. Like, every situation we had would get resolved, it would always be fine, we could always talk about it.

"But yeah, then movie night happened. After it, he was the first person we both spoke to and that was quite a long conversation because there was other stuff that had to be apologised for that wasn’t addressed.

“But, we just figured it out and we were fine."

leah love island
leah is over the drama with scott ©ITV

She added, "So yeah, to come out and for it to kind of be an issue, I was literally like, ‘Guys, you’ve all missed a chapter here.’”

Why are the producers keeping so much drama unaired?

We could be missing out on more classic Scott one-liners like, “The only reason none of us got to know Abi was because we felt sorry for you [Mitch], you’ve been single for three weeks.”

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