Love Island’s Marvin Brooks posts peen pic to raise awareness of Australian Bushfires

You can literally see everything

Marvin Brooks

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He's kept a low profile since being booted out of the Love Island villa last year after failing to couple up with a female Islander.

But Casa Amor's Marvin Brooks has certainly got fans talking after he posted a nearly-naked Instagram photo of himself in his boxers to raise awareness of the Australian Bushfires.

And - SPOILER ALERT - you're really getting more than what you bargained for with this one.

Uploading the photo to his 90,000 followers, Marvin showed off his package and six-pack while praising fellow Islander Jordan Hames, whose boxer clothing line he is modelling.

But unfortunately Marvin distracted fans with what's in the boxers, because you can totally see the outline of his PEEN.

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Celebrity peen pics of the decade

Zac Efron1 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Zac Efron

Zac Efron (the total dreamboat) shared a photo on Instagram of him sitting topless and it appears that something is poking out of his shorts to say hi. Fans were convinced the movie star's little Zac is on show for all to see.Oh what a cheeky devil.

Stephen Bear2 of 17

Stephen Bear

You'd think when a video was released on Twitter of you doing intimate things, you would be embarrassed and try and run away from the public eye. But no, not for Stephen Bear. He didn't seem too bothered when peen pics and very explicit videos started doing the rounds on social media back in 2016.

Lewis Bloor3 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Lewis Bloor

In 2016, fans of former TOWIE star Lewis Bloor were shook when they finally saw the size of Lewis' peen on Celebrity Big Brother, after years of his ex's revealing how big it really was. His then romantic interest Marnie Simpson was so shocked when she saw it in the shower she couldn't speak.We couldn't stop looking, never mind speaking.

Adam Collard4 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Adam Collard

Love Island star Adam Collard is not shy when it comes to getting his kit off for the gram (oh we wonder why?) but one of his Instagram posts sent his fans into a bit of a spin when posed in a pair of VERY tight pants, leaving very little to the imagine. And honey, it's not little. Think of that what you will.

Gary Beadle5 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Gary Beadle

Gary Beadle's peen, aka "The Parsnip", has been the talk of the town since he burst onto our screens in 2013 on Geordie Shore. And since then, we've seen plenty pictures of his package and most of them have been accidental. On the MTV show, we saw many scenes of Gary naked, whether that was in the shower, "bucking" or just running around starkers. Even in 2019, Gary posted a photo of him and his son Chester in the bath. But what he didn't realise was that his todger was floating on the top of the water, leaving fans shocked and VERY curious.Fun fact - Gary claims his peen is the same length and girth to a Sky remote control... Interesting. He's also confessed he has a sex spreadsheet of all the girls he's slept with. Charming.

Alex Bowen6 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Alex Bowen

Alex Bowen may be all happily married with Olivia Buckland, but back in the day, it appeared that he liked to whack out the wang as a peen pic was sent around social media and holy guacamole, congrats Alex. That's we're saying.

Joey Essex7 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Joey Essex

In 2016, Joey Essex gave fans what they're all wanted to see after sharing some backstage snaps from a photo shoot. And if you look at these photos very carefully, you can see the outline of his peen as he poses in a pair of tighty-whighties.

Calvin Harris8 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has had a major transformation over the years. Gone are the v-neck t-shirts, he's waved goodbye to the baggy trousers and boots combo, and he's instead welcomed a rippling six pack and a various pairs of Calvin Klein underpants. His Instagram really is popping off and one thing popping out is his gigantic peen.

Justin Bieber9 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Justin Bieber

When you've seen a naked picture of Justin Bieber, you kind of think 'Ew, this is wrong. I've known him since he had a high-pitched voice and was singing Baby to a 11-year-old love interest'. But those days are gone and now we live in the time we're he shows off his package to the world, and there's no place better than to put it on Instagram.

Ashley Cain10 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Ashley Cain

Ex On The Beach's Ashley Cain is known for being a ladies man. Having appeared on various series of the hit MTV show, he loves the women. And he certainly loves himself (let's be honest), so much so in 2016, he wacked out his shlong on Snapchat and we didn't know where to look.

Orlando Bloom11 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Orlando Bloom

He caught our attention in Pirates Of The Carribbean (especially when he took his top off) but Orlando Bloom nearly broke the internet when pictures of him stood on a paddling board naked were published. Let's just say some fans saw more than what was necessary.

Jay Alvarrez12 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jay Alvarrez

You may not know YouTuber Jay Alvarrez by name, but you might have heard of what he did when his ex claimed he had a small wang. No, he didn't ask his ex to stop publicly bashing him, he instead posted a photo of it on Snapchat to defy her claims. Lovely.

Chris Hemsworth13 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth fans were treated to a tantalising image of Chris in his boxers in a scene from his 2015 film Vacation. But it wasn't his ripped torso anyone was looking at, it was the peen. It literally looked liked he'd put a carrot down there. That was certainly one way to forget about the 2015 General Election chaos.

Alex Mytton14 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Alex Mytton

Alex Mytton's nude wasn't just a photo-bomb, it was a willy-bomb and a big one at that. It surfaced after his then Made In Chelsea girlfriend Nicola Hughes posted a picture of him naked on her Twitter. Do these rich boys not have any clothes?

Dappy15 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images


No one can forget when Dappy and his girlfriend concockted (sorry couldn't resist) a plan to get Dappy's single to number one so they decided to post a picture of his peen on Twitter. Of course, the internet blew up and off went his single up to number one in the UK charts. You've got admire the determination.

Jason Derulo16 of 17
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is known for his voice, his charm and those killer moves, but no one was expecting to see his "anaconda" (his words) when they went onto his Instagram in 2019. Fans couldn't believe the size of his peen and Jason has since had to DENY the image was photoshopped. Well... we have no words.

Simon Cowell17 of 17

Simon Cowell

And just to end these hilarious stories, here's one that set the internet alight, after Simon Cowell's TOE was mistaken for his peen while filming for ITV's The X Factor. Awkward...

One fan wrote, "Full chopper out what a lad", while another commented, "Can I have my socks back now pls x x."

A third said, "🐛 lol" and a fourth added, "Where’s your only fans?"

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And Marvin isn't the only Love Island star to show off his manhood to their fans

Alex Bowen has done exactly the same, displaying what he's got to offer in his tighty-whities. Not that we're complaining, obviously.

With this year's Love Island just starting, there's no doubt all the male contestants will be doing the same when they get out of the villa.

But they're going to be in the villa for the next six weeks so we can just sit back, relax and watch them as we dream about how good looking they all are.

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